MAC Fashion Sets Collection 2013



Bold brights with a modern edge in four coordinated sets featuring our favourite textures and finishes. The powerful purple of Heroine, the playful pink of Silly, the red-hot scarlet of Ablaze and the full-on fuchsia of Embrace Me – each available in Lipstick, Lipglass, Nail Lacquer and Eye Shadow.

Exercising much restraint, I only picked up 1 item from this collection which was a lip pencil in the shade Ablaze (bright apricot) I don’t really wear lipliner all that much but I feel like Ablaze is a unique color for a lipliner which is why I felt like I shouldn’t pass it up. On me, it’s more of a coral, which I feel would compliment my orange, coral, and peachy-pink lipsticks perfectly. This applies as an orange on ladies with a lighter complexion, and as a coral on ladies with a darker complexion. It kind of reminds me of another lipliner I have from the brand MakeUpForEver from the Aqua Lip line in the shade 17C but I haven’t swatched them side by side so I can’t be too sure just yet.

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