Mascara Monday: Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes

Today I’m reviewing yet another cult favorite, Maybelline Great Lash, with the updated heart-shaped brush. Most of you will recognize the iconic pink and green packaging. The original (which I mentioned in My Story: Mascara) had a regular brush whereas this one, if you flip it upside down, looks heart-shaped. The brush was actually pink before I dipped it in the tube and if you look closely, you can sort of see the pink peeking through. I was quite wary of the plastic bristles and with good reason too as I feel that this type of brush doesn’t place much product on my lashes. It’s way better than L’oreal Voluminous Million Lashes because that one deposited product and removed it, all in the same stroke, while Maybelline Great Lash deposits very little product. My thing is volume. I’m all about volume. This gives me no volume whatsoever. That said, because of the way this is shaped, you have a lot of control over which direction you want your lashes to point and the extent of their curl. For example, you can work on your inner corner lashes (baby lashes) separately before moving on to the middle lashes and finally the outer corner lashes.

This is a great daytime mascara for someone who favors a more natural look but for myself, if I’m going to bother with wearing mascara, I prefer huge lashes. Maybe this will work better on people with longer lashes or thicker lashes or both, but it doesn’t work on my sad little lashes. I find that it’s not buildable, as in I can’t do my 30 minute mascara routine with this and it doesn’t play well with other mascaras. I’ll use this mascara when I’m wearing false eyelashes, to blend both my real lashes and false eyelashes together because it’s very “natural” (minimal results) so it won’t look OTT (when I first started wearing false eyelashes, I used DiorShow over top of the false eyelashes and the spider-lash result was not pretty). Another way I use the latest variation of Great Lash Mascara is when I’ve made a mistake with another mascara, I’ll go in with Great Lash to correct the mistake. For example, I went overboard with a mascara and ended up with clumpy lashes. I’ll use Great Lash to comb through them and make them less clumpy. Another example is if I’ve got an errant lash pointing in a completely different direction from the rest of my mascara’d lashes, I’ll use Great Lash to gently coax it into behaving. Overall for me, Maybelline Great Lash is not bad but it’s not great (I prefer the original brush). It’s worth noting that every once in awhile, Maybelline will put out Limited Edition versions of Great Lash.

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