MAC Tropical Taboo Collection


M•A•C captures the passion of samba in a shimmering colour collection pulsating with sensuality. Give in to the heat, beat and exotic glamour of shades that define desire. Be seduced by the lure of the Latin beat.


Tropical Taboo was yet another mineralize collection which I couldn’t resist purchasing a whole bunch from, obvi. I got 2 Mineralize Skinfinishes (MSFs), 2 Mineralize Blushes, 3 Mineralize Eyeshadows.

Adored Mineralize Skinfinish (coral with light beige pearl) Lust Mineralize Skinfinish (pale pink with cranberry pearl) I’ve swatched Lust MSF on top and Adored MSF on the bottom. As you can see, these are quite sheer. Adored (bottom swatch) is too light to be used as anything other than a highlighter whereas Lust (top swatch) can almost double as a blush.

Here are a couple swatches of Adored. I’ve swatched the outer stripe (coral) on top and the middle stripe (beige) on the bottom. The coral parts (outer stripes) are a bit chalky whereas the beige part (middle stripe) is less so. You have to concentrate your brush on the outer stripes if you want the overall result to be more coral.

Here are a couple of swatches of Lust. I’ve swatched the outter stripe (pale pink) on the bottom and the middle stripe (cranberry) on top. I fully appreciate the pale pink (outer stripes) because they tone down the metallic cranberry part (middle stripe) and sheer it out to where it’s actually wearable.

Simmer Mineralize Blush (burnt rose with peach/gold pearl, frost finish) and Sweet Samba Mineralize Blush (dark pink with tan pearl, frost finish) I’ve swatched them in the same order, the 2 stripes from the Simmer blush, and 2 stripes from the Sweet Samba blush. I blended them all together in the last 2 photos so you can see a more practical swatch of each of the blushes. Simmer looks gorgeous in the pan so I had to get it, and as you can see from that last photo specifically, it’s actually pretty! I was worried that I might already have something way too similar (Supernova Mineralize Blush) to Sweet Samba, in my stash, specifically the fuchsia (or hot pink as MAC calls it) but even though it is quite pigmented, the tan part tones it down significantly. Also, how gorgeous is that tan shade? I’m definitely going to try using it as an eyeshadow at some point as it seems perfect for that glow-y eye look that I’m so fond of.

I picked up 3 Mineralize Eyeshadows Dare To Bare (light cream with gold pearl, frost finish), Tropica (silver blue with purple, frost finish), and Time To Tango (lavender with silver pearl, frost finish) First of all, how adorable are those names? There’s even an eyeshadow which I didn’t get called Bossa Blue! Such cute names! Ok, enough gushing. You can click on the photos to view the swatches more clearly. I’ve attempted to swatch the veins separately but I couldn’t manage to do that quite as neatly as I’d hoped, especially with Tropica which is why you only see 1 swatch for Tropica. The first swatch is the thin yellow veining from Dare to Bare. The second swatch is the more dominant purple-y silver from Dare to Bare. The third swatch is of Tropica all swirled together because I couldn’t manage to swatch the thin green veining on it’s own. The fourth swatch is the gold veining from Time to Tango. The fifth swatch is of the more dominant blue from Time to Tango.

Dare To Bare (light cream with gold pearl, frost finish) Once again, I’ve swatched yellow part first, and the more dominant silver second. The last photo is of both of them blended together. The end result is a soft cream.

Tropica (silver blue with purple, frost finish) Once again, I tried to swatch the green part first but didn’t quite manage as the green swatch is sandwiched between the purple. I also blended it out too much to the extent where it practically disappeared, leaving behind a ton of shimmer. I think this shade in particular would benefit from a spritz of Fix+ on a brush pre-application (just wet your brush before using it). Even though it’s fussy, I think this is most beautiful out of all 3 eyeshadows.

Time To Tango (lavender with silver pearl, frost finish) First swatch is of the gold veining and the second is of the blue veining. Last photo is of both swirled together. It seems like a shimmery taupe, almost like Hint of Sapphire Mineralize Eyeshadow but I’ll have to try this wet before I can be completely sure.

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