Lush Delivery


I was roaming around X-cite by Alghanim Electronics at the Avenues, when I spotted the iconic Lush logo, on a paper bag, that a young, Chinese man, was carrying. Of course I ambushed him (ran to him, tapped him on the shoulder and asked him where he’d gotten it from) because I wasn’t aware that there even was a Lush store at the Avenues. I had trouble understanding him because I was asking for Lush and he kept saying ee-kul which was super frustrating for the both of us. Then it hit me. “American Ee-kul?”, I asked tentatively. “Yes!”, we both broke into huge smiles and I felt the urge to hug this kind and helpful stranger, or at least fist bump him but thankfully the urge subsided. “Xie xie!, I practically sang to him, before we both went along our merry way. “On the second floor”, he called out behind him. “Thanks agaaaaaaain!”, I replied and to this very day haven’t yet found that so called Lush store…

So imagine my delight when I randomly searched online and found out that they actually deliver! Could this be? Could Kuwait slowly be edging it’s way into the modern world? Fresh hand-made products delivered straight to your door! I just put it in an order and will be sure to report back with photos of the haul, and first impressions and whatnot. Click on the Lush tag at the bottom to see my other posts on Lush products.

Here’s the link to their website.

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