MAC Heavenly Creature Collection


Discover a whole new, gorgeous galaxy of supernova shades. On the surface they look marbleized, but on the skin they blend for stunning celestial effects. The M·A·C Heavenly Creature colour collection features 4 Mineralize Skinfinishes and 4 Mineralize Blushes, orbited by 5 Lipsticks and 5 Cremesheen Glass.


Clearly, I cannot resist MAC’s mineralize products. They’re just so unbelievably pretty and they really do look like cute little planets!

Galaxy Rose Cremesheen Glass (mid-tone violet pink) On my lips it’s less pinky and more mauve. Cremesheen Glasses are usually quite sheer with a very subtle yet buildable tint to them and this was no exception. I love the texture of Cremesheen Glasses. They’re so light, and airy, and best of all non-sticky. They kind of remind me of my favorite lipglosses, the discontinued Super Lustrous Lipglosses from Revlon which I’ve reviewed here.

Fire Sign (red pink, lustre finish) I figured this would be a good dupe for the Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick that I missed out on and I’m thankful to say that it is! Fire Sign is a delightful strawberry red and because it’s a lustre, it applies less opaquely than say an amplified finish lipstick. Normally I’m not a fan of darker colors that have a shine to them but this is glossy enough that it just works. Plus, if I wanted to, I can easily add more to get it to be more opaque. Plus, you know Sagittarius in da’ house, heeeeey!


My little planets. Aren’t they darling? L-R: Center of the Universe Mineralize Skinfinish, Ring of Saturn Mineralize Blush, Supernova Mineralize Blush, Earthly Mineralize Eyeshadow, Magnetic Attraction Mineralize Eyeshadow

Center of the Universe Mineralize Skinfinish (coral with gold shimmer) The first stripe is a swatch of everything swirled together. The second stripe is a swatch of the gold part on the outer edges of the MSF. The last stripe is a swatch of the middle part. Obviously, I’m not going to sit there and apply this with a microscopic brush so the the first stripe is closest to the effect of what I get on my cheeks after swirling my stippling brush (which sheers it out even more) in it. The end result is a sweet, shimmery coral orange which I love! Again, if you want a more pigmented look, just wet your brush and dip it in there as even these MSFs can be used both wet and dry.

Ring of Saturn Mineralize Blush (terracotta and gold melange, frost finish) I managed to swatch the gold part on my pinky but unfortunately I couldn’t quite manage to get a clean swipe of the terracotta on my ring finger without picking up some of the gold (as you can tell from the photo). The first swatch is of the terracotta mixed in with the gold which is why I didn’t do a separate swatch of everything mixed together. It’s a gorgeous peachy pink with gold shimmer, which in my eyes is a darker, more pigmented version of Orgasm Blush by Nars. The second swatch, right next to it, is the gold part which is actually a pink which flashes gold. Even though it’s a beautiful duochrome, it’s also quite powdery with lots of fall-out. I know it might not look it from the swatches, but on me, it looks exactly like Deep Throat Blush from Nars.

Supernova Mineralize Blush (magenta and burnished gold, frost finish) The magenta shows up nicely, on my finger, in the swatch, on my cheeks. The “burnished gold” on the other hand, shows up as a tan on my finger, a peach in the swatch, and a coral on my cheeks. After swirling my stippling brush in Supernova, it applies as a straight up magenta with a slight sheen. In hindsight, it’s too similar to Her Blooming Cheek Blush from MAC (which I’ve reviewed here) for me to own both, especially since hot pinks, magentas, and fuchsias are not my thing. The first swatch is of the magenta part. The next swatch is the burnished gold part. Again, the burnished gold part is powdery and there was a lot of fall-out. Directly below them, I’ve swatched the magenta and burnished gold together light-handedly.

Here they are swatched side by side L-R: Supernova Blush, Ring of Saturn Blush, Center of the Universe MSF Supernova is a sheen-y magenta, Ring of Saturn is a gorgeous duochrome-y peachy pink, and Center of the Universe is a frosty golden orange.

Magnetic Attraction Mineralize Eyeshadow (Orange, pink, gold melange) With these mineralize eyeshadows, it’s easier to pick and choose which colors you want to be more dominant, by using a smaller eyeshadow brush but oh my ‘lanta! This really is a beaut! Does it not remind you of a sunset? I’m talking strictly color-wise. I attempted to swatch the swirls seperately but that wasn’t happening (fat finger syndrome) so that’s why in the first photo you can see the yellow swatched in the center of all that copper. They just look so pretty together!

Earthly Mineralize Eyeshadow (beige, peach, cool brown melange) In the swatches, this looks like one of those gorgeous glow-y neutrals which as you all should know by now, is my favorite! I truly was expecting a sandy tan. Continue reading to find out what it looks like…

L-R Magnetic Attraction Eyeshadow, Earthly Eyeshadow The first shot is a closeup of both of them so you can see how beautifully shimmery they are. Magnetic Attraction is a cute peachy pink whereas Earthly is a gorgeous taupe-y lilac with multi-colored shimmer. I believe I can even use Magnetic Attraction as a blush, if I felt so inclined. F.Y.I. On most people, Magnetic Attraction is copper and Earthly is brown. Like I said before, the overall outcome depends on the veining you get and which veins/swirls/stripes you swipe your brush through. Again, these can be used dry (as I’ve swatched them) or wet (for deeper pigmentation).


Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator. Yes, I did actually haul 3 because I can never find these and I’m obsessed with exfoliation products. I’ve reviewed this in the previews post (here).

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