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Rebel in New York, Russian Red in Dubai, Snob in Sao Paulo, Saint Germain in Tokyo, Morange in Paris: these must-have lip shades so coveted by M∙A∙C fans around the world, that we created 3-piece mini-collections of Lipstick, Lipglass, and Nail Lacquer trios in 7 classic palettes. Perfectly coordinated, regionally inspired.


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I only purchased these 4 babies from this collection (2 MAC lipsticks in the shades Please Me, and Ravishing and 2 Nail Lacquers in the shades Saint Germain and Snob) but figured I’d swatch and review the other lipsticks in this collection alongside them.


Left-Right: Saint Germain (clean pastel pink, amplified creme finish), Angel (soft pink, frost finish), Please Me (muted-rosy-tinted pink, matte finish), Ravishing (clean light peachy coral, cremesheen finish), Morange (loudmouth orange, amplified creme finish), Impassioned (amped up fuchsia, amplified creme finish), Girl About Town (bright blue fuchsia, amplified creme finish), Russian Red (intense bluish red, matte finish).


Saint Germain: I purchased this lipstick, along with a handful of others when I knew very little about the different finishes of MAC’s lipsticks (or any other lipsticks for that matter). All I ever wore was Lancome’s Juicy Tubes (I used to be an avid collector of juicy tubes) or Relic lipstick from MAC (which were all pretty sheer). Then when Relic was discontinued, I started wearing nude lipsticks and corals (back when they weren’t so popular and extremely hard to find in Kuwait) until I found and fell in love with Morange. So between Morange and and my nudes, I never wore pink lipsticks until one day, I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and try some pink lipsticks from MAC. I popped my pink lipstick cherry with Saint Germain and Angel lipsticks. I thought that the color in the tube would appear exactly the same on my lips. I could not be more wrong. Saint Germain was so blue-toned (I didn’t even know about undertones or any of that, at the time) that it showed up as a lilac on me (which was a trend I noticed with a lot of other blue toned pinks; They always show up as lilacs, mauves, fuchsias, purples and magentas intead of pink!!!!), which was so disappointing because I was expecting a baby pink. It clashed so horribly with my skintone making me look even more sallow in comparison, and emphasized the yellow in my teeth (I learned then and there that some lipsticks could pull yellow from the teeth, and on the flipside other lipsticks could make your teeth look whiter and brighter). Also, because Saint Germain was such a pale shade, it accentuated any dryness on the lips. Honestly, Saint Germain was such a chalky hot mess on me, that I decided to stay away from light pink lipsticks for a looong time. I only see this lipstick working on the fairest of the fair, but if you are so inclined to use Saint Germain, I suggest a maximum coverage foundation to even out the skin because this will highlight everything, a lipliner to tone it down, and finally a lipgloss to sheer it out because this is so not one of those throw-it-on-and-you’re-out-the-door shades.

Angel: Like I said in the previous paragraph, I purchased Angel along with Saint Germain and expected it to be a nude pink because I was most comfortable when sporting a nude lip, so a nude-y pink wasn’t that much of a stretch for me. Also, I’ve been hearing/reading nonstop that Angel was one of Kim Kardashian’s favorite lipsticks, and everyone (and I mean literally everyone) was making a huge fuss over it so after seeing so many lip swatches online, I decided to go for it. Plus, the name was really cute, I mean c’mon, Angel! Again, I had high expectations for Angel lipstick. Again, I was sorely disappointed. First off, the shade was more of a mauve on me and not the neutral pink I was expecting. To be fair, this is a neutral pink on most people, just not on me. Second, this had a frost finish which I did not appreciate at all, since we’re not, you know… living in the 80’s. Third, this had a strange gritty texture. “But Lulu”, you might say “If you hate it so much, then why is the tube almost gone?” I’ll tell you why. Determined that my hard-earned money not go to to waste, I reserved Angel lipstick strictly for home use. Whenever my lips would feel dry, I’d just slap some of this stuff on, as opposed to a lipbalm. Clearly, because Angel has a frost finish (read: drying texture), that didn’t pan out as I’d hoped so instead I now use Angel as a topper over other pink lipsticks, or sometimes in the center of my lips over darker pinks for that “ombre” effect.

Please Me: The most recent addition of pink to my collection. Now that I have the ability to tell what a lipstick will look like on me just by looking at it, and a better understanding of MAC’s lipsticks and their finishes, but most importantly what works on my Middle Eastern complexion, I purchased Please Me knowing fully well that it will look fantastic on me, and I’m pleased to report that it does! It’s the perfect light pink. Please Me does have a matte finish and as with all matte lipsticks, your lips need to be in top condition before applying it but it’s surprisingly very comfortable if not downright creamy on the lips. I will layer some sort of lipgloss over it from time to time if I’m in the mood for a glossy lip look but this looks great when paired with a full-blown smokey eye look, and equally great with a neutral glow-y eye look. I can just throw this on (no foundation/bronzer, no nothing), and I’m out the door. Please Me lipstick has succeeded in pleasing me (couldn’t resist). To all the Middle Eastern sistahs in search of a light pink lipstick, I strongly suggest you give Please Me a try!

Top Row: Saint Germain in all it’s chalky, highlighter-pink glory, and the ever so frosty Angel. Bottom Row: Pink perfection with the matte Please Me. Hopefully you can discern the different finishes (amplified, frost, matte) of each of these lipsticks from the swatches in the photo above.


Ravishing: If you’ve been following me on my blog for awhile now, you’ll know that I absolutely adore shades like this (orange, coral, coral pinks, peachy pinks, peachy nudes, and ultra-nudes) so I just had to pick this up. It gives my lips that glow-y (not quite neon) look, which I adore! Ravishing has a cremesheen finish (which happens to be my favorite) but because this is such a pale shade, it can and will settle into the lines of the lips. It can come off as quite orange on someone who is much lighter and straight up chalky on someone who is much darker but for me, it’s just right.

Morange: I’ve been in a committed relationship with Morange for many years now. I might stray from time to time, and start up a short term dalliance with other orange lippies but this, this right here has my heart (the Daisy to my Tom Buchanan). I’ve already reviewed it here but it’s a neon orange that’s true to color (as in it applies the same as it looks in the lipstick bullet), for once. As with all amplified lipsticks, it’s quite opaque so I imagine this applies the same on everyone from fair skinned beauties to dark skinned beauties. I hate to use this expression but it’s really not for the faint of heart so I wouldn’t suggest buying this if you’re not going to feel comfortable wearing it. I know this because whenever I wear Morange, my girlfriends freak out and start gushing about how much they love it, then proceed to complain about how they can’t pull it off (even though it looks lovely on each of them) after buying it based on my recommendation. They’re just not used to orange lipstick, I guess. Again, I don’t do foundation. I just go cray with bronzer. Meaning this takes minimal effort to make it “work” and if I can do it, so can you. It all depends on how you feel about it, is all. This is my second tube of Morange and once it runs out, I sure as heck will be getting a third.

Top: Neon Morange Bottom: Glowy Ravishing


Impassioned: This looks like a beautiful coral pink in the tube but on myself it’s more of a warm-toned fuchsia and because it has an amplified finish, it also has a shine to it and if you read my blog, you should know by now that I do not like my darker lipsticks having a shine to them. My lips are small, so dark and shiny lipsticks make them look very weird, like it kinda’ makes them look even smaller. Depending on the pigmentation of your natural lip color, this can lean either more coral or fuchsia, regardless of your skintone. So if the undertones of your lips are blue, whether you are fair-skinned or dark-skinned, this will come out as a fuchsia on you. Impassioned is a beautiful shade in it’s own right but it’s just not my preference. Warm-toned fuchsia is still fuchsia and I’m not a fan of fuchsia on myself.

Girl About Town: I was on the hunt for Girl About Town and Show Orchid for the longest time. Everyone seems to love those two lipsticks so I was so excited when I finally got my hands on Girl About Town but unfortunately it was a fuchsia and a shiny one at that, and not the neon pink I was expecting. Honestly, it’s my fault because I got this when I didn’t know about about undertones and finishes and whatnot so I’ve been ignoring this for the longest time. Girl About Town actually emphasizes certain eye looks beautifully which is why I find myself slowly warming up to it. The amplified finish makes this opaque in just one swipe. It also means that this will stain your lips, but a decent makeup remover will easily fix that. If you love hot pinks and fuchsias, you need to get Girl About Town!

Russian Red: Another longtime favorite of mine! When I was younger, I used to flat-out hate red lipstick and thought that it didn’t suit anyone, aside from my mother. With her fair skin and green eyes, she set the bar pretty high up and in my eyes, nobody except her could pull it off. One day while flipping through a friend’s yearbook, I noticed a cute girl wearing red lipstick with her head tilted away from the camera. She looked so adorable so I made a mental note to try out some of my mother’s red lipsticks. Shortly after, Allure magazine mentioned Russian Red in an article and the name alone intrigued me, so I stopped by a MAC counter and picked it up. It was love at first swipe and we’ve been together ever since. MAC describes this as a matte but it does have a slight sheen when you first apply it but I have a whole ritual that I go through when it comes to Russian Red. First I apply any lipbalm. While waiting for it to sink in, I apply makeup to the rest of my face. Then I dab a little of Russian Red in the center of my lips and spread it out using my pinky finger (very high-tech, non?) ensuring a perfect application (avoiding clown mouth) and giving the lipstick enough time to settle and dry down (read: the shine to go away). I know that I could just dust a translucent powder over a tissue on my lips, but the color loses it’s vibrancy that way. Also, because it has a matte finish, Russian Red doesn’t have much slip to it but that just ensures that it’ll last longer so I don’t really mind. It can stain and is hard to remove but again, nothing a good makeup remover can’t fix. Russian Red used to be a deep dark red on me, which off-set my blonde hair beautifully. Now that I’m a brunette, Russian Red looks more like an orange red on me and isn’t as dark as it once was so unfortunately, even though this is my millionth tube, I’m still debating whether I should repurchase it or not.

Left-Right: Girl About Town, Impassioned, Russian Red



All these lipsticks are available from permanent line so you can pick them up at any time.


Can you tell which is which? Try matching names to the shades before reading the next part to find out if you were right.


Top Row, Left-Right: Russian RedGirl About TownImpassioned


Middle Row, L-R: Morange, Ravishing, Please Me


Bottom Row, L-R: Angel, Saint Germain


L-R: Russian Red, Girl About Town, Impassioned, Morange, Ravishing, Please Me, Angel, Saint Germain


L-R: Snob (light neutral pink, cream finish), Saint Germain (light cool pink, cream finish). These nail lacquers are actually quite lovely (as opposed to their lipstick counterparts) especially with a tan!

If you missed out on getting Ice Cream Cake from the Quite Cute Collection which I reviewed here, Saint Germain seems to be a close enough dupe, only a wee bit lighter.

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  1. Welcome! Yeah it would be great and believe me I’ve tried but for now I’m still learning how to swatch properly. Thanks for the suggestion though. I appreciate it :)


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