Lancome Grandiôse Mascara


Mark your calenders ladies! Lancome’s come out with a brilliant work of art under the guise of a mascara and it’s set to launch in August. I’m very excited and can’t wait for this to launch in Kuwait!


Penelope Cruz is going to be face of the ad campaign. The sultry latina actress and mother of two, has been Lancome’s spokesmodel for awhile now (Lancome’s Tresor Fragrance).


A trick I do with some of my more bend-y mascaras (mascaras that have flexible wands) is to twist the wand a wee bit so it’s at a certain angle. It just applies mascara better that way (and I was planning on doing an entire post on it except I haven’t gotten to the bend-y type mascaras yet). Lancome’s new mascara comes with the wand already curved to that certain angle, and they’ve trademarked it as “swan-neck” which sounds absolutely charming and brings to mind images of grace, elegance, and beauty! I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of bigger brushes on my mascara but the smaller brush on this mascara looks intriguing as even the bristles on this mascara are high-tech; They come in two different sizes, and were designed to apply mascara to the lashes more efficiently (coating each and every lash while doing amazing things to each and every lash!).


The gradient effect (ombre) of the packaging is not only sleek but breathtakingly beautiful! The transparent cap has Lancome’s signature rose embedded in it. The black tube is curved at the lower half to fit the curved wand housed inside. This innovative mascara is aptly named Grandiose! How deliciously apropros!

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