MAC Naturally Collection


Hey, Nature Girl! For a look that is simple, sensuous and understatedly sexy, here are nothing-to-hide hues that make you look fresh, relaxed, gloriously “undone.” Brilliantly sheer, high-mineral Skinfinish make your look fresh-as-the-sun radiant. Lipsticks and Lipglass lushly tinted to reflect the wholesome. Eye Pencils with a touch of jojoba, mango and meadowfoam seed oils. M·A·C, Naturally is just what you need to do your own thing and keep your look, dreamily, down to earth…


As I said before, I love MAC’s Mineralize Collections but I was looking forward to this collection especially. There’s just something so appealing about the shades and their names, even the name of the collection itself, “Naturally”. The beautiful imagery is quite nice as well.

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I picked up 2 MSFs, Redhead and Blonde. I didn’t manage to get them when they were first released several years ago because as I said before, I used to be intimidated by MSFs.

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Redhead Mineralize Skinfinish (gold to salmon pink degrade)

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Blonde Mineralize Skinfinish (soft pink to rose degrade).

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Here are some swatches of both MSFs side by side (Redhead is on top, Blonde is at the bottom.) The last few photos are of both MSFs blended out (Redhead left, Blonde right). As you can see from the photos of them blended out, they are beautiful sheen-y highlighters. It helps if you’ve got naturally beautiful skin otherwise this will basically highlight your imperfections.

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I also purchased Summer Haze Mineralize Eyeshadow (palest gold with deeper gold veining). Left swatched dry, Right swatched wet. Summer Haze gives me that barely there, glow-y nude look, on the eyes. I love it!

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