MAC Daphne Guinness Collection


A first glimpse into the winter colour palette imagined and created by Daphne Guinness. An artist and collector of haute couture, Daphne is her art…this collaboration with M∙A∙C is, “a window into my imagination.” Limited Edition.


I only picked up 2 items from this collection, a nail lacquer and blush.

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Honestly, I had my eye on the other Blush Ombre in this collection but it was sold out and the ombre effect on these blushes looked so cool and pretty that I caved and purchased this, regardless. The shade I snagged was Vintage Grape (mid-tone violet pink). I thought I could customize my own shade by mixing a little more of either side. Now that I have it, I regret buying it because of it’s awful texture. I’m not sure if it’s just this one specific shade or if it’s the same with all blush ombres but the texture on this thing is terrible! It’s quite stiff and dry which makes it hard to get any product on the brush and it applies patchily too. I think I might just Back-2-MAC it. If you don’t know what Back-2-MAC is, it’s when you give them 6 products, preferably all used up, and they let you pick out any lipstick from the permanent line (not limited edition) for free.

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I purchased Endless Night Nail Lacquer (pale gray pink with iridescent pearl, frost finish) based on the description alone. Once I got home, I couldn’t resist applying it straight away. It was everything I had wanted it to be and so much more! It’s one of those nude-y shades which is awesome because I love my nudes whether they go on the eyes, lips, or nails. It also has that duochrome-y effect which I also love and find so interesting. I’ve tried my best to show you what I mean in the swatches. I love Endless Night so much that I actually wore it on my wedding day! It actually matched my not-quite-white, slightly opalescent ivory wedding dress perfectly!

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