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This season, our most epic casting call ever, an online contest with thousands of hopefuls submitting a photo or video, each asked to finish this statement: MAC Me Over! Because… James Gager, MAC’s Senior Vice President, Creative Director, picked six stars who best express the MAC Me Over! Motto – style, heart, and soul – to be the face of MAC Fall Colour around the world. A three-part collection each creating a different look: the first features our artists’ favorite nudes and pinks, including classics and new limited-life shades; the other two go bold, one with the season’s of-the-moment shades while the second plays it icy cool.


I purchased 11 (not shown in the photo above are the 2 nail lacquers) out of the 51 products that came out with this collection because they had such interesting shades!

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I picked up Deep Sea (deep teal with a cream finish) because it looked gorgeous in swatches online and in person and I like how blue teals look on my eyes so I figured why not try them on my nails. Deep Sea looks like a black at first, but once you get a better look, it’s actually a super dark teal-y blue. I thought that was cool. I also picked up Fatigues (army green with a cream finish) because the name drew me in, and it looked like an interesting shade and I don’t have anything else like it in my nail polish collection. Both shades are quite flattering on my skintone but Deep Sea will look flattering on everyone.

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I also picked up an Eye Kohl in Teddy (intense bronze) because I wanted an alternative to black but to this day I still feel strange if I don’t line my eyes with a black, to pull the whole eye look together. As with most eye kohls, you can smudge this out to create a bronze/brown smokey eye look or line your waterline with it or even use it as a base for other shadows. Teddy is permanent so you can pick this up from any MAC counter whenever you want.

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I picked up 2 out of the 8 lippies in this collection; Offshoot (mid-tone neutral pink with a cremesheen finish) and Secret Lover (pale pink with yellow pearlized pigments and has a lustre finish). Once again, MAC’s description is off, because Offshoot is not pink at all. It’s more of a reddish plummy shade but because it’s a cremesheen, it’s sheer yet buildable and glossy. I’m typically not a fan of plummy shades but this makes me look like I have radiant glow-y skin and who wouldn’t want that? After lining my eyes with black liner and some mascara, I just dab a little Offshoot on, and I’m good to go. This compliments my skintone beautifully! As for Secret Lover, I got it because I wanted it to be a replacement for my long discontinued lipstick from MAC called Relic but it’s nowhere near it. That said, Secret Lover is a beautiful shade in it’s own right. It’s sheer and duochrome-y and is ideally used a topper over other nude-y shades. The way it catches the light, makes your lips look fuller.

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I also picked up 2 lipglasses in the shades Illicit (creamy neautral pink) and Curvaceous (light grey pink). Again, the descriptions are off. Illicit is a cute coral. I have a strong penchant for anything coral on the lips which is why I got it. It gives me that neon pastel-y glow on my lips, which I absolutey love! Curvaceous on me looks like your average run-of-the-mill blue toned milky pink. I got suckered into buying it after seeing swatched online but I regret purchasing it now.

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Midnight Blues Fluidline is described as a blackened blue. It seems like another teal-y cobalt but I haven’t opened it yet as fluidlines tend to dry up pretty quickly and I’d like to finish up Siahi first.

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Stunner is a gorgeous blush that is described as light coral pink with a satin finish. In the pan, it doesn’t look very interesting at all. Once you apply it to your cheeks, that’s when the magic happens! It turns into this gorgeous sheen-y true pink that surprisingly doesn’t look too cool on me (as pinks tend to do) nor does it make my sallow skin look green-tinged. This gives me that glowy pink cheeks look usually seen on Asian models. I’m super happy with this purchase and really wish MAC re-released it soon so I can get a back up. ‘Til then, I’m going to be using this very sparingly (issues…) lest I finish it all up.

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I just had to pick up Outre and Moleskin because they seemed like such ugly (yeah, I said, UGLY) shades yet interesting because they are so ugly, that I couldn’t resist picking them up to experiment with. Outre (mid-tone mustard, matte finish) is especially ugly which is why I think I could create beautiful eye looks with this. I’ve yet to find the right combo but so excited to keep experimenting with it. Moleskin (nude brown, matte finish) I have yet to play around with, though.

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