MAC Viva Glam Gaga II


No Bad Romance here. If anything this love affair’s going stronger than ever… After The Monster Tour mayhem, Gaga’s back to being our VIVA GLAM Goddess once again , spreading the good word about the impact of HIV/AIDS on women, men and children everywhere. We’re unveiling a hot new shade in spired by The Lady and her passions, in both Lipstick and Lipglass. And by now you (and the world) know every cent from the sale of M∙A∙C VIVA GLAM goes toward the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund. The M∙A∙C World feels like a permanent part of the Gaga Galaxy, doesn’t it? On the VG displayer as limited edition for a full 12 months.


Viva Glam Gaga 2 is described as a light warm beige with an amplified finish. MAC also came out with a correlating lipglass in the same shade but I only chose to get the lippy ‘cuz I love my nudes.


On me, this is an ultra-nude with a hint of grey as in it looks like I’ve applied concealer to my lips but I like that look and you can easily work around it with a darker flesh-toned lip liner or maybe just some bronzer (I use Comfort MSF) to warm up the face so as to avoid looking like a corpse.


As with most nudes, this can highlight any imperfections you might have on the lips and is a touch drying but that’s to be expected from all nudes so it’s not really a deal breaker. Just exfoliate your lips regularly and apply some sort of clear lip balm beforehand and you’ll be in the clear.

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