MAC Cham-Pale Collection


Only the finest will do for a M∙A∙C toast to the New Year! Cham Pale is a cuvée colour collection that’s cause for celebration – a Champagne smash, shimmering with all the bubbly optimism and golden glow of the best that’s yet to be, in Eye Shadow, from Brule to Et tu, Bouquet?; Paint Pots in Chilled on Ice and Let Me Pop, Lipstick in four shades, especially Quiet Please, and Flustered; Lipgelée from Bubble Lounge to Straight to the Head; two Chromagraphic Pencils (NC15/NW20 and NW25/NC30); Eye Kohl in I Get No Kick; Kohl Power in Feline; Nail Lacquer we call Very Important Platinum!; Studio Fix Mascara, and new Special Reserve Highlight Powder in four shades ending perfectly elegantly in everyone’s favourite: Rosé Olé. All, for every skin tone. To us!


New Year lol This was released in Kuwait around February or March. Anywho, I picked up 2 of the Kohl Power in the shade Feline which is supposed to be the blackest of black and gave one to my cousin who was with me at the time because we were actually on our way to go see a movie but I just had to stop by MAC. Of course the eye kohl is long gone by now because that’s one of the things I actually finish up really quick. I also decided to try MAC’s skincare and picked up a Complete Comfort Creme.


Calms and soothes irritated skin immediately and over time and relieves sensitive skin while diminishing the appearance of redness, irritation and blotchiness. Over time, the gentle, soothing formula helps reduce the appearance of broken capillaries and helps even out skin tone. It contains algae extracts that visibly reduce redness and blotchiness on the skin, both immediately and over time. Kukui nut oil provides moisturization and emollience, while kola seed extract acts as an anti-irritant to help soothe irritated skin. It contains wheat germ and barley extracts that help strengthen the skin’s natural lipid barrier over time. It moisturizes and softens the skin immediately and over time and improves skin tone over time.

They seem to stress the “over time” part and since I’m a commitment-phobe, I didn’t notice any long term effects. Okay, TMI-time! I have a hair-trigger gag reflex. Anything remotely gross and I’m hurling my guts out (sorry but I warned ya’ TMI-time counts as a warning). Consequentially, my cheeks turns red (broken capillaries) and splotchy. I don’t mind because from an arm’s length it looks like I’ve got some blush on but from up close it looks like I’ve got rosacea which I do mind. This usually lasts for 1-2 weeks. This Complete Comfort Creme did not speed up the healing process, it did not make it go away any faster, as promised. It had a strange smell to it too but that didn’t bother me. It did feel nice and pleasant on my face though. Honestly, I just bust this out during Winter when my face gets dry alternating between this and Clinique’s. I also use this to wipe away glitter fall-out from my cheeks because washing away glitter fall-out with water and soap or even makeup remover just spreads it around.

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Lastly, they re-relased a couple of different shades of Lipgelee which I first mentioned in the Venomous Villains Collection post but I couldn’t find Resort Life lipgelee at the time. I found it and swatched it for you guys here. Didn’t I tell you it looks like liquid diamonds on the lips! The shade closest to Resort Life is Luxure.

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