MAC Tartan Tale Lip Bags


The last post was getting too long so I split them up into 3 posts. There were 3 other bags that contained travel size brush sets, 2 bags that contained eye products, 2 lip bags (Dazzle the Lads lip bag was rose themed, while Vain & Glorious lip bag was pink themed so I chose the latter) and a ‘Tis Noble to Give Viva Glam lip bag which I also picked up. Like I said, Tartan Tale was a huge collection.


For all the Bravehearts and beautiful souls that keep the M∙A∙C AIDS Fund flowing, we say, ’Tis Noble to Give… and with every purchase of this gorgeous, grandiloquent world-clan collectible, you are helping to keep the coffers confident – because every cent from every M∙A∙C VIVA GLAM purchase always goes directly to the women, men and kids affected by HIV/AIDS everywhere. It’s our heritage, our proud moment…and yours too. Keep the VIVA GLAM clan alive and thriving!


‘Tis Noble to Give Viva Glam lip bag came with Viva Glam V Lipstick and Viva Glam V lipglass.

baby sparx

Vain & Glorious Lip Bag came with Mellow Mood lipstick, Baby Sparks dazzleglass, and In Synch lip pencil (travel size)

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The bags, which are really just pouches, honestly, were cleverly designed with tartan stripes, and the MAC crest to fit in with the theme. I think this is my favorite MAC packaging to date, so in love with Tartan theme!

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Baby Sparks dazzleglass is decribed as a sparkly baby pink. Mellow Mood lipstick is described as a sheer pink with a lustre finish. In Synch lip pencil is described as a light pink.


You know, I say I’m not a fan of glitter on the lips but then I come across something like Baby Sparks dazzleglass, and it seriously makes me rethink my stance on shimmery lips. The way this sparkles is just so beautiful, especially during the daytime. I like pairing this with nudes but sometimes I’ll wear it over a baby pink or a light coral.


In Synch lip pencil is an unexpected pinky coral. This can look white on you if you happen to be much darker than I am. At the time, there were no other lip pencils that were this shade of coral but nowadays several other brands have it. Pretty! I line my lips with this when wearing ultra-nude (concealer on your lips type of nude) lipsticks and using Peach Petal super lustrous lipgloss to tie the whole thing together. This pairs nicely with Ravishing lipstick, Innocence, Beware! lipstick, and Strange Potion lipglass to name a few.


The light pink heart on top is a swatch of Baby Sparks. The pinky coral heart at the bottom is a swatch of In Synch. The reddish pink heart is a swatch of Mellow Mood lipstick. Mellow Mood lipstick on myself is a mid-tone rose. I was disappointed with Mellow Mood, first of all it has gold shimmer and honestly I thought it was going to be pink, not rose. It’s cute but again, not my cup of tea. That said, since this is a lustre, it’s sheer (but buildable) which I can work with, unlike amplified lipsticks and the shimmer is very subtle.

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Viva Glam V lipstick is described as a neutral pink with pearl and is a lustre. Viva Glam lipglass is also described as a neutral pink with pearl.


I know it looks pretty in the swatch but the lipglass is yet another rosy brown with gold shimmer. Even though it doesn’t show, I’ve swatched it directly above Baby Sparks dazzleglass.


I’ve swatched Viva Glam V directly over Mellow Mood. Viva Glam V is yet another rosy brown but the shimmer in Viva Glam V makes it look a smidge lighter. They look too similar for me to own both but hey, all the proceeds from Viva Glam V go to MAC’s AIDs fund.


Both Viva Glam V lipstick and Viva Glam V lipglass swatched side by side.



Here’s everything swatched together so you can get a clearer idea of what they look like.

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