MAC Tartan Tale: Chapter Two

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Tartan Tale: Chapter Two included sets and kits that came in incredibly cool tin packaging with tartan stripes and even a gold crest that reads MAC, to go with the whole Scottish theme. I thought these looked fantastic and just had to pick up a few. Once you empty out the tins, you can use them for storage!

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My Scottish Fling Mineralize Kit (along with 2 other Mineralize Kits, same products as the ones I’m reviewing, only in different shades) was supposed to be a Nordstrom exclusive so I was surprised to find this in Kuwait. The kit consists of a lipglass in the shade Budding Romance, a mini Zoom Lash Mascara in black, a paint pot in Fresco Rose, and a Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo in Pink Split. The really cool looking tin case can be emptied out and used as storage for your makeup, jewelry, or whatever else you wanna use it for.

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I’ve always wanted to try out a paint pot and so Fresco Rose which is described as a mid-tone pink with mid-tone pink pearl was a good product to experiment with. On most people, this is a more of a warm rose but from the swatches you can see that on me, this is a pink with a lilac shift (think Stars’n’Rockets eyeshadow in paint pot form) It’s absolutely stunning! When I wear green contact lenses, I prefer going with a matte pink eyeshadow. I use Fresco Rose as a base underneath the pink eyeshadow to make it more vibrant. Sometimes, I’ll use it on its own as an eyeshadow. I’ve used it as an inner corner highlight when sporting a warm purple eye look. This just plays so well with other shadows and textures and truly doesn’t budge! There’s an endless list of beautiful combinations you can obtain using Fresco Rose.

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Budding Romance is a soft muted pink with subtle shimmer. It’s a nice neutral color but not my cup of tea as this can pull more brown than rose on me. As I’ve said before, I’m not really a fan of the thick sticky texture of MAC’s lipglass. That said, this pairs nicely with the rest of the products in this pink themed set.

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I was very pleased with Pink Split Mineralize Eyeshadow Duo which is described as a pink with gold pearl mono/dirty rose with bronze and pale blue veining. The pink side, although a touch too powdery, is actually a a duochrome pink with a gold shift to it (think Expensive Pink eyeshadow). That was a pleasant surpise because as I’ve said before, I didn’t read reviews or see swatches of this so I didn’t know what to expect aside from the basic description. The other side of the duo is a gorgeous taupe and if you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know by now how much I love my taupes.


As for Zoom Lash Mascara, I wasn’t expecting much but was quite pleased with the results. I didn’t want to purchase a full size mascara from MAC because of how polorized people are about them (you either love them or hate them) but since it came with the kit, it was a perfect chance to try it out and I actually quite liked it. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t as awful as the others I’ve tried from other brands. I like how it defined my lashes and I especially like that even though this came in a mini size, the brush was quite big in comparison and you know how much I love bigger brushes on my mascaras.

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Holiday sets and kits are great for those who enjoy trying out different products from MAC at a relatively reasonable price. Instead of paying KD 12/500 (KD 6/250 each) for 2 full size lipglasses, you pay KD 14/000 and get 5 travel size lipglasses. It’s not really a value kit but it’s ideal for people who want to experiment, like me, which is why I picked up 2 sets to play around with, Sassy Coral Lassies Lipglass Set (orange tartan striping) and Sassy Pink Lassies Lipglass Set (the original red and green tartan stripes). I skipped out on Sassy Neutrals Lassies Lipglass Set because the colors didn’t appeal to me (plum, bronze, etc…).

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The blurry pictures are there so you can see how shimmery these are (so yeah, it’s on purpose). Hearts-a-Beatin’ is described as a pale raisin, and as you can see, it’s the darkest of the bunch but the multi-colored shimmer lightens it up and makes it more wearable. Personally, it’s not my cup of tea but I bust it out when I’m “experimenting” and know for a fact that nobody is going to be able to see me. I’ve had my eye on Mimmy ever since it came out in the Hello Kitty collection and was devastated when it was sold out. It’s a cute pink, yes, but it’s also super sheer with lots of glitter. I think of it as Nars Orgasm in lipgloss form (yes I know, there is a lipgloss by Nars in the shade Orgasm but work with me here). Mimmy is described as a bright pink coral. Pretty, Quick! is described as a bright coral and is obviously my fave out of the bunch. Obsessed! Jest for Fun is described as a peachy blossom pink. It’s your average nude lipgloss, easily dupeable from any drugstore. Think of it as a stickier version of Peach Petal lipgloss by Revlon. Don’t get me wrong. It’s my second fave out of the bunch but it’s not really unique. Tad Saucy is described as a pale muted pink but on my lips it’s just a bunch of shimmer. It’s a frosty mess but it can look pretty when paired with a complimentary lipstick.

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Electro-Lush is described as a medium mauve. The white micro-shimmer is barely detectable but it works to lighten up the color and make it more wearable. Not quite as dark as Hearts-a-Beatin’ from the previous set, this is also too dark for me to wear out in public. Sassy Lassy is described as bright pink fuschia. It looks like Petals & Peacocks lipstick, in lipglass form, to me. Frozen Dream is described as medium pink rose. This is another frosty shade that shouldn’t be wearable on me but it just so happens to be surprisingly flattering, even when worn on it’s own. The Wee Coquette is described as a naked neutral pink. Basically, it’s a white lipgloss with a hint of lavender and looks gorgeous over nude lippies. Fab Fun is described as a pale crystal pink. Honestly, it’s just glitter suspended in a clear gloss.

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Out of all 3 Thrillseekers Pigment/Glitter Sets (Warm, Cool, Smoky) I chose Smoky because it had the most products I was interested in. Naked is described as a fleshy beige with golden copper pearl. It’s actually very different from Lithe pigment. Naked pigment is the biggest swatch so you can see the subtle duochrome effect. Directly next to it, I’ve swatched Jigs & Jives pigment which is described as a naked taupe. It’s yet another beautiful reflective taupe and apparently I can’t have enough of those. Blue Brown pigment is the one next to them, and is described as a deep brown with frosted blue/green reflection. This gorgeous duochrome is what sold me on getting this set. One minute it’s blue, next it’s a reddish brown, then it’s teal green, so pretty! I’ve swatched Naked, Jigs&Jives, and Blue Brown pigments side by side. Directly underneath them is Dark Soul pigment which is the darker one and is described as a charcoal black smoked with gold. I haven’t used Dark Soul yet so can’t say much about it. Finally, Reflects Blackened Red is a glitter and is described as a sparkling burgandy. Loose powders/pigments/etc… can be quite messy so I had difficulty applying these at first but then I started shaking a little out onto the cap and then pressing my brush into it to pick up the product. Again, these pigments come in travel size or deluxe sample size, or mini size, or whatever you wanna call them so you’re not stuck with it for life because as I’ve mentioned before, it takes several lifetimes to use up an entire thing of pigment (unless you’re a legit makeup artist).

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Out of the 4 eyeshadow palettes (6 smaller shadows for KD 16/500) available, I only chose 6 Beauties Play It Cool eyeshadow palette which is cool toned. I’ve swatched them in the same order as they appear in the palette.  I’ve also taken a close-up of the packaging so you guys can see the top part of the palette’s packaging has felt! How cool is that? Silverwear is described as a metallic lavender and is a frost finish. This is surprisingly super soft, especially for a frost. It’s quite pretty as an inner corner highlight or on the lower lashline, or even in the inner rim. Hold My Gaze is described as a medium grey and is also a frost. I got this palette specifically for this shade. It’s a taupe-y, green-y grey (whaaat? I know! So cool!) and has more of a satin finish. It’s also exceptionally soft. I love wearing this by itself as an all over wash of color on the lid. To The Ball is described as a dusty lavender with a satin finish. It’s another beautiful darker grey. I love the shadows in the top row! Next row, Altered State is described as a blackened plum and is a veluxe pearl finish. It’s a nice sheen-y purple, not quite as soft as the others. Magic Moor is described as a purple grape with a veluxe pearl finish. It’s a prune color which I use to line my eyes with when I’m wearing a matte pink eyeshadow all over the lid. It’s a nice contrast. Heather Belles is described as a dark charcoal satin and is so fussy! It’s not very pigmented so naturally you’re going to add more for the color to show up. Well, once you start adding more, it just up and dissappears, as you can see from the patchy swatch. I don’t know what MAC’s problem is, but they do seem to have a problem with the darker eyeshadows.

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I chose A Triumphant Blush Face Kit because I’ve wanted to try out all the shades in this kit but never got around to purchasing them seperately but for KD 16/500 I got Smooth Harmony beauty powder, Melba blush, and Peachtwist blush. This Face Kit also has felt on its packaging. Smooth Harmony is the orange shade at the bottom, which I’ve swatched for you first. Right next to it is Melba which is the pinky coral shade in the middle. The last shade is Peachtwist and it’s the only shimmery one out of the bunch. Smooth Harmony is described as a neutral mid-tan. Whatever, man this is straight up orange with a hint of brown and I love using it to warm up my face. Melba is described as a soft coral peach with a matte finish. It’s a gorgeous coral with more red in it then anything. It’s quite pigmented as well. Lastly, we’ve got Peachtwist which is described as a golden peach with a sheertone finish. It can be frosty if you’re heavy-handed with it but otherwise it’s a very flattering blush on my Arab complexion. I love all 3 shades and here’s the kicker, whenever I get bored with any one shade, I just mix and match these to create my own custom shade!

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