MAC Proenza Schouler Collection


For the first time, the cool cleverness of the Proenza Schouler woman is captured in a collection of confident colour – slick, sleek and effortless with specially designed, limited-edition packaging. Lipstick cases, compacts and Pro Longwear pencils shine in a unique, luxurious metallic finish in a spectrum of colour from oceanic teal to glossed lemon and royal violet.


Woodrose (light pink with beige with a lustre finish)
Pinkfringe (vivid flamingo pink with a satin finish)
Mangrove (bright clean orange-red with a matte finish)
Primrose (sheer berry plum (with a lustre finish)



Blush Ombre
Ocean City (ooral orange ombre into beige)
Sunset Beach (pink ombre into beige)


Nail Lacquer
Thimbleweed (pale nude with a cream finish)
Bougainvillea (bright orange coral with cream finish)
Dayflower (clean plum with a cream finish)
Nocturnelle (black as night with a cream finish) (permanent)


Pro Long Wear Lip Pencil
Dynamo (bright peony) (permanent)
High Energy (bright orange-red cream) (permanent)

Pro Long Wear Eye Liner
Black Ice (rich black) (permanent)
Rich Experience (true brown) (permanent)

129SE Powder/Blush Brush

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