MAC Fabulous Felines Collection


Fabulous Feline was a pretty big collection that consisted of 3 cat-inspired collections; Burmese Beauty, Palace Pedigreed, and Leopard Luxe.

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Burmese Beauty
Shades of sable, champagne, and teak-olive, the Burmese is saucer-eyed and sensually compelling, prized for her sophistication and intelligence but woefully ill-equipped for the real world — she should never be let outside!

Luxury, pampering, excess — all attend the Burmese in her indulgent glory. A colour collection that celebrates the well-cared-for, and exalts in her high-borne right to be spoiled…she knows how to get what she wants. She’s a creature of luxury, and should be treated as such.

The only thing I got from the Burmese Beauty collection was the superslick liquid eyeliner in Treat Me Nice which is described as an emerald green with soft pearl.


Palace Pedigreed
With mesmerizing emerald eyes and a plush, silvery, sable-like coat, the Russian Blue was brought by British sailors from the Archangel Isles of Northern Russia.

Snatched from the palaces of the Tsars at the behest of Queen Victoria, her smile and her great beauty were said to amuse Her Majesty. In homage to the aristocratic heritage of this silver-and-emerald Royal, we’ve created a collection of colour every bit as hypnotic and enchanting as its finely favoured feline inspiration.

I couldn’t resist getting these 2 superslick liquid eyeliners in Smokey Heir which is described as a dark blue violet with soft pearl and Signature Blue described as a dark navy with soft pearl from the Palace Pedigreed Collection.

Leopard Luxe
Wild, like her sleek sisters of the forest — the Ocelots and lightning-fast Lynx — the long-limbed, lithe ginger Ocicat boasts legs like a legendary supermodel, and a persona every bit as exotic.

But appearances can be deceiving — this is the kitten that roars, the lion that purrs, the wild thing that seems to possess a tender, kittenish cuddle. To wit: A colour collection as fierce as it looks, but as feminine as it feels…lips, cheeks and eyes that betray both sensual vulnerability and spectacular power.

From the Leopard Luxe collection, I got 2 more superslick liquid eyeliners in Marked for Glamour described as a mid-tone grey with soft pearl and On the Hunt which is described as a true black. I also picked up my first pigment ever called Lithe which has a frost finish and is described as a frosted warm nude with gold pearl. I really wanted the mineralize blush in Utterly Game but it was already sold out.

As I’ve mentioned before in this post (here), I’m not a fan of lighter colors on dark eyes without any black eyeliner to ground the look which is why these superslick liquid eyeliners are fantastic because of their ultra-fine tip, it makes double-liner so easy to achieve. I get to wear any color I want on my eyes without them looking strange! There are several ways you can apply double liner but I’ll go with the easiest. Let’s say for example I wanted to sport a shimmery green liner. I’d line my eyes using Treat Me Nice superslick liquid liner, making sure to exaggerate and over-emphasize the line. Once it dries, the next step is drawing a thinner, sharper line that’s closer to the lashline using a black liner and because we’ve exaggerated the green, it peeks through, above the black, ergo double liner. Another way I use these superslick liquid eyeliners is on my lower lashline for a pop of color, usually on the outer third.


Treat Me Nice is reserved for the inner third of my lower lashline because it’s too light and shimmery, so aside from using it as a double liner, I can’t find much else use for it. Smokey Heir (a beautiful shimmery eggplant purple, which you can now find an exact dupe for, from any other brand) is hands down the most universally flattering out of all the colors in this line. It’s really pretty on everyone and compliments all eye colors. Signature Blue (cobalt) is stunning! There’s so many different ways to use this. For awhile there I even used this as a base underneath Deep Truth which made the eyeshadow much more vibrant. Marked for Glamour (metallic gunmetal) is a color that compliments my browns eyes beautifully but I just don’t reach for it as much, for whatever reason. On the Hunt (shiny black) is the one I get the most use out of, obviously. All of these are limited edition except for On the Hunt (true black) which is still available for purchase along with Defiantly Feline (chocolate brown with soft pearl).


Superslick Liquid Eye Liner
A liquid liner so slick it almost describes itself. Water-based, water resistant, quick and precise to apply. Dries in 15 seconds to provide a sleek, longwearing, wet-look, no-smudge line. The superior no-fuss, no-wobble application lies in the “magic tip” of the easy-to-control dip-stick applicator.

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Yeah, the consistency of these is very watery but you can easily remedy that by just wiping off the excess at the neck of the tube. I absolutely love the dip-stick applicator because you can get a truly precise application for whatever you want, retro cat flicks, exaggerated wing, and so on. You can even use these to draw fake lower lashes a la Twiggy. They don’t smudge nor budge but they aren’t exactly waterproof. On The Hunt (black) to be specific, is the only one that flakes off, in pieces, I might add. The others, I’m guessing because they are shimmery, are more long-wearing. If you prefer a matte liquid eyeliner, skip these. If you enjoy the “wet look” then get these because each one has either shine or shimmer to it, giving you that “wet look”. I’d recommend these soley based off my love for the dope applicator (dip-stick lawl) which is super convenient and actually quite easy to use, so beginner-friendly as well.

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People are always saying how unless you are a professional makeup artist, it would take an entire lifetime to completely use up an entire pigment from MAC which is why I tend to stay away from pigments. That said, the name Lithe drew me in. When I think Lithe, I think feline, long limbs, and ballerina (don’t ask) so after swatching it I instantly fell in love with it. Lithe is a gorgeous shimmery nude that looks gorgeous on my Arab complexion. I’ve pretty much mixed Lithe in with everything there is to mix it in with from my nail polish to body lotion and as you can see, the jar is still over-flowing even though the sifter (those little holes where the powder product is shaken out from) is covered by the sticker. I’ve used Lithe as a highlighter above my cheekbones, inner corner of the eye, and over top of certain eyeshadows. Lithe is a limited edition pigment but if you get a chance to purchase this, I highly suggest you go for it.

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