MAC Lorde Collection


Pop’s coolest ingénue Lorde collaborates with M∙A∙C on Pure Heroine, a limited-edition Lipstick in a deep, rich shade of plum with an Amplified finish, and Penultimate Eye Liner to create her favourite eye look.


Lips meet Lorde’s individual style in a high-comfort Amplified Lipstick in a deep, rich plum. Limited Edition.

As I’ve mentioned before (here), I wasn’t really a big fan of hers but hopefully you’ll see how she won me over in this short (her performance starts 3 minutes into it) video. I actually liked the twitching and thought it was kinda’ cool and well-timed with the beat as opposed to her other performance where the twitches were ill-timed (Letterman). Unfortunately, the official music video for Tennis Court doesn’t have any of the twitching/dancing at all. #twitch

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