MAC Sassy Grass Eyeshadow


Our own Lady Gaga mobilized legions of you to DARE TO WEAR… and it’s created a wave of energy, excitement and outrageousness all around the world! Join the brigade of loud and proud who daily dare to declare their own individuality. High-powered pigment and holographic pearl create a crazy-intense, shine-saturated gloss, combined with Pop Eye Shadow shades, as over-the-top as Lady G Live!

Inter-dimensional one-coat colour on the first stroke means there’s always an encore! Creamy soft application grabs and sculpts, gel structure molds and has a bouncy feel — pure exhilaration, it’s a personal high! More and more of you, every minute, every hour, every day, not afraid to DARE TO WEAR. Bravo!

It seems only fitting that after reviewing Cyndi Lauper’s collection in the previous post that I review Lady Gaga’s second (and bigger) collection right after. This collection consisted of lipglass in 6 different shades, and 12 bright eyeshadows. All limited edition. I was with a friend at The Avenues when I saw the display at MAC and picked up an eyeshadow in one of my favorite colors, green! I’m just so drawn to it! Sassy Grass is described as a bright grass green with a matte finish.

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Sassy Grass is a matte yet it’s also exceptionally soft. It actually feels like it has a matte squared finish. Sassy Grass is easy to work with and plays nicely with other eyeshadows. When I wear Sassy Grass, it’s usually as a lid color, paired with some sort of light brown in the crease or when I’m feeling daring, in conjunction with other shades of green. I usually top it all off with a peachy nude lip but sometimes I’ll go cray and pair this with Russian Red or Candy Yum Yum. If they ever re-released Sassy Grass, I’d pick up a backup in a heartbeat.

I can see this coming in handy pretty soon for a 2014 World Cup (Which starts next week! Can’t wait!) eye look ;)

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