Home Decor: Abyat


I was browsing around Abyat and thought I’d take a few pics and share them with you guys.

This bedroom for example caught my eye because of those stripes and the comforting shades of brown but I see myself getting tired of the stripes in a little under a month.

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This bathroom sink stood out to me because it looked modern in comparison with the other offerings on display.


I thought this bath tub looked cool especially the cute towel rail on the side…


…until I saw this adorable oval shaped jacuzzi. How cute is that? I die!

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But what I was really obsessing over was this wall (the one with the toilet attached to it, not the one with the shower attached to it). I’m totally going to get a little wall jutting out (that serves no purpose) built in my bathroom! I’ve always thought they looked cool whenever I’d come across one at whatever hotel I happened to be staying at. Doesn’t it look like something out of a spa? Love!

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I don’t know why but the idea of built-in anything seems so appealing even though it’s very 70’s. I thought this little side-table structure (the thingy with the round green candles on it and the basket underneath it) looked nice even though I wasn’t digging the sink they paired with it.

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I love the hidden lighting and I absolutely adore the cut-outs and extra paneling because it makes for an interesting bathroom and  I’m 99% sure that I’ve seen the multicolored blue tiles before in a Sims game ;) Notice how the display lighting makes those tacky shiny accent tiles look so much better.

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More displays of bathroom color schemes. The red actually looks good with the browns but I find myself drawn to black and white because it’s so classic. As for the shower, I thought it seemed so japanese at first, especially the flooring but the tacky “rock” wall turned me off the whole thing.

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My favorite by far! I love this color scheme especially the accent tile! It looks like something you’d see at a 5 star hotel’s bathroom. The dark grey is called Quarzite Decor in the color mix grey, in case anyone is interested.

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I thought the Praga tile is just perfect for my bathroom with the Quarzite as an accent color. The Fronda tile, wooden flooring in a light grey color seems pretty different and I really like it but I still can’t decide. The one above the grey looks really good too. Decisions, decisions.

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After flipping through rack after rack of tiles upon tiles, I came across these peach colored tiles and thought they looked so cute (minus the flowers, yuck!) and the accompanying photo looked beautiful but unfortunately upon inquiry it turns out that not all the tiles in the photo were available so I had to do a little mixing and matching. I figure I could get the top half to be white and the bottom half would be peach. As for the floor, I could go with a matte red (I literally dragged that tile from the kitchen section), and finally to the tie the whole thing together, shiny red Domo tiles which I found not far from the bathroom section. I know it’s a little cray but I’d love something playful and I’m willing to risk the guest bathroom for my little experiment and hopefully it will turn out just like I imagined.

I haven’t made any final decisions but we’ll see. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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