Furnishing an Apartment in Kuwait


As a newly single lady (dare you not to think of Beyonce’s song) I’m currently in the process of furnishing my very own apartment. On paper it sounds like fun but when you’re looking at tile after tile after tile, eventually they all start to look the same. Also, bathroom fixtures? Not exactly exciting, by any stretch of the imagination. Add to that, the fact that in Kuwait we have very limited options, style-wise. I’m not looking to have my apartment featured in Home & Garden or anything but I’m sick of seeing the same thing, over and over again. Store after store, it’s always the same thing, gold furnishings on everything regardless of whether it matches or not, select shades of wooden furniture, and over-sized everything. It’s gaudy and tacky and it’s driving me crazy. Oh, and if you do somehow manage to find something that’s remotely unique in any way, it’ll usually be obscenely overpriced. So far I’ve been to Ikea, Pottery Barn, The One, Midas, Banta, Abyat, and Safat Home. That’s not mentioning the random ones in Shuwaikh and whatnot.

My living quarters consists of a living room, guest bathroom, a small hallway that leads to the master bedroom, master bathroom, and closet. Right now, I’m in the process of choosing hardwood flooring for the entire apartment. I’ve always wanted parquet flooring but the thought of termites setting up camp underneath the floorboards has deterred me from that idea. Plus, I love my high-heels and I know for a fact that the flooring would get all scratched up in a little under a week. I know there’s faux-parquet flooring but that doesn’t sound appealing to me either. I could go the bright and crazy route but then I’d be limiting myself when the time came to pick out the wall paint. I can’t even decide if I’m going to go for a glossy finish or a matte finish.

The idea of an all white apartment sounds nice but isn’t realistic at all especially considering my lifestyle. It’s too high-maintenance for me so I’m really leaning towards beige or grey. I know it sounds boring but I’m aiming for a sleek minimalistic theme. Ok, spell checker is telling me minimalistic is not a word. Whatever spell checker.

It’s such a big commitment so I want to be sure that I will love whatever I choose always and forever (or at least for the next 5-10 years) so I’m having such a hard time making a decision.

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