China Glaze Spontaneous Nail Polish

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Spontaneous looked like a pretty dark lavender-purple in the bottle but on me, it’s a straight up purple with a creme finish. It was opaque in two coats, applied easily like all China Glaze nail polishes, and because of the nail hardeners in it, dried pretty quickly. It chipped by the next day, which I feel could have been avoided if only I’d applied a third coat. Personally, I feel this would look prettier (and lighter) when applied on longer nails. Aside from using this for nail art, I think this is more of a Fall/Autumn (haha as if we get those in Kuwait) color. That said, this looks pretty on the toes during summer when paired with wedge sandals in a neutral color (white, beige, brown, etc…) Sorry for the awkward swatches, you guys. Hopefully, in time (lots and lots of that) and practice (lots of that too) I’ll eventually get better at it ^_~

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