MAC Petals & Peacocks Lipstick

LOL (2)

Petals & Peacocks Lipstick was released in the Give Me Liberty of London Collection (which I previewed here). It’s the only item I picked up from that collection. Petals & Peacocks is a limited edition lipstick described as a creamy bright magenta pink with an amplified finish. I actually saw swatches of it online before this was released in Kuwait, and thought it would be a pretty pink on me.

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Petals & Peacocks came in limited edition white packaging with pops of color which I thought was pretty unique as opposed to MAC’s usual all black packaging. This collection was so posh that even the packaging had packaging (ballin’!). I’m referring to the removable sleeve, of which I took a few close-ups in the slide-show above. Like all amplified lipsticks, this drags a teeny tiny bit on the lips. Oh and this also stains the lips (or hands which is where I swatched it in the photos above, please excuse my dry hands, I’ve been going ham on the orange creamsicle swirl hand soap). As for the color itself, this was more of a pinky-purple on me (so yeah, magenta). I know it flashes pink in the photos but it pulls purple on me in real life which bummed me out ‘cuz I wanted a pink lippy but now I’m thinkin “Boom! Color of the year, Radiant Orchid” so it’s all good.

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