MAC Below Ground Greasepaint Stick


If you use Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils, this is exactly the same concept. I’ve never tried a Greasepaint Stick before so when MAC released the Art Supplies Collection, I decided to purchase just one, to see how I liked it. The shade I got was Below Ground which is described as a blackened bronze.

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Below Ground is a metallic bronze that’s quite flattering on me as an all over wash of color on the lid, provided I line my eyes with some sort of black liner. I feel like women with black or brown eyes should always line their eyes with black whenever they use an eyeshadow that’s lighter than their actual eye color, otherwise they just look odd. Women with blue or green eyes on the other hand, can get away with using this as a lid color without having to line their eyes, or so I feel. Don’t be offended. I have dark eyes (my eyes are brown) and I feel that I look strange when I wear this without black eyeliner to ground the look so I’m just being honest (as always) and speaking from my own personal experience.

Depending on the lighting, Below Ground can look either golden brown or dark brown because of it’s metallic finish which gives a beautiful twinkle to the eye. This plays nicely with other products as well (mainly eyeshadows, actually only eyeshadows) and doesn’t budge nor crease once it sets. If you use it in conjunction with a primer, it’ll slide right off… I know, right? That was the case with me so I always use it sans primer. That said, you can also use this as a primer a la Nyx Jumbo Pencils. Greasepaint Sticks come with a nifty little built-in sharpener at the bottom.

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