Bath and Body Works Haul


How cuuuuuuuuuuuute is that display? I’ve previewed this collection in this post (here).


Anything set on a cake stand (candles, nail polish, lipsticks) looks instantly adorable!


Sugar Berry Shortcake, Fresh Honeydew Lemonade, and Orange Creamsicle Swirl.


Sugar Berry Shortcake (lightly scented with a yummy blend of luscious strawberries, fresh whipped cream and spun sugar) smells like gummi bears. I’m not a fan of the strawberry and sugar combination because it makes this smell artificially sweet. I don’t like sugared anything (sugared donuts, sugared gummi bears, etc…) so maybe that’s why I didn’t enjoy this smell even though I love most fruity and sweet scents.

Fresh Honeydew Lemonade (lightly scented with a mouthwatering blend of freshly squeezed lemons, juicy honeydew and sweet yellow watermelon) was my first pick, actually. You can see from the photo above that I’ve already opened the other 2 (the pumps pop up) but unfortunately I can’t seem to get this to open as the pump won’t pop up. I just might have to take it back to see if they can open it for me at the store. That said, this smells incredibly good! Usually melon-scented products smell off for some reason, but the scent on this thing is spot-on!

Orange Creamsicle Swirl (lightly scented with a dreamy blend of Valencia orange sorbet, vanilla bean ice cream and crushed mango) smells so yummy that I literally can’t stop washing my hands with it! Vanilla, mango, and orange? You had me at Vanilla! Although both are orange-scented, this smells completely different from Mandarin Blossom (which I hauled here) which has more of a herbal scent. Orange Creamsicle Swirl smells like delicious clementines. Somehow this reminds me of Peach Citrus (which I hauled here).


I got 3 minis in the scents Beautiful Day, Air, and Velvet Sugar. I’ve already got Beautiful Day in a full-sized body lotion and full-sized shower gel (which I hauled here) but a travel-sized body lotion is easier to carry around in my bag/purse. Plus, I can keep replenishing it from the bigger body lotion every time it runs out.


I’ve previewed Air (here) and Velvet Sugar (here) and since I run out of hand soaps and shower gels the fastest, I figured I’d get them in the travel-sized versions to see how I like them before splurging on the bigger sizes.

Air smells lovely at first, all apple-y, light, and clean. Then, it turns into Pif-paf bug spray. I suspect that’s the Gardenia. I hate flowers because they smell unpleasant to me. Velvet Sugar is another overly fruity sweet scent but to me it smells like candied raspberries so I like it well enough.


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