Bath and Body Works Let’s Go To France Collection


French Lavender and Honey: A romantic bouquet of french lavender, nectarine de Provence, and sun-kissed honey.


French Lavender: Bouquets of wild lavender and hints of vanilla capture the heart of the countryside!


Sundrenched Vineyard: White wine grapes and French oak evoke the old world essence of France.


Lemon Verbena: Luscious verbena lemon blossom is softened with lily of the valley.


Wild Poppies: Red poppy flowers drenched in sun-kissed peach and luscious pear.


Springtime in Provence: A beautiful blend of fresh raspberries, juicy peaches, and citrus.


Provence Garden: Taste the region with garden greens, pear blossom, and a touch of ivy.


Citron Cedarwood: French cedar is softened with a splash of citrus and lush moss.

They also come in room perfume, wallflower refills, mini-candles, and mason jars (I die!)

lavender willow

A 3 wick candle sleeve in Lavender Willow. How beautiful is that candle sleeve?



Wall fragrance plugs in Sun-dappled Sunflower and Sparkling Vine. How deliciously apropos!

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