Katy Perry Performs ‘Birthday’ for Billboard Music Awards 2014

I don’t recall ever mentioning this on my blog before but I absolutely love music so I was ecstatic about the Billboard Music Awards 2014. Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez, and Brasil’s Claudia Leitte performed the 2014 World Cup Anthem. I’m sure we’re all going to get sick of listening to it pretty soon because it’s all we’re gonna be hearing nonstop for the next year or so, but for now I enjoyed their performance (even though I felt inadequately pale in comparison to those gorgeously tanned dancers). I was delighted by One Republic’s performance of “Counting Stars”. Their energy was so infectious that I just had to get up and dance to their song around my living room, and when Ryan Tedder hit those high notes? Oh man! You just can’t help but sing-along.

Shakira sang “Empire”, her heavy accent making her mispronounce just about every single word in the lyrics but she gave a fantastic performance nonetheless. I feel like she’s a born Show Woman (not Show Girl because that has negative connotations). A wind machine tousled her hair while she belted out her power ballad. Meanwhile, there’s fire on-screen in the background, and towards the end of her performance, smoke was being gushed out of the grates, upwards, towards where the pint-sized Starlet was singing. Some might think it’s a little dated, the crazy lights, the fire, the wind, the smoke, and such but she’s going for the Rock route. A midst all that, she even managed to interact with the fans. I feel like Shakira is just so charismatic on stage! Then again, I’ve always found her endearing, no matter what she does.

Katy Perry another woman who also has an eye for theatrics was in Newcastle when her performance was aired during the Billboard Music Awards 2014. Known for her over the top costumes, complete with crazy wigs (She was wearing a purple wig for her OPI promo which I posted about here), and intricate makeup… Oh and her crazy powerful voice, I didn’t know what to expect. Her song was called “Birthday” and if you click on the video above, you can watch her performance. As always, Katy looked gorgeous wearing a too-cute-for-words neon pink raincoat over top a bodysuit (Get it? Birthday Song! Birthday Suit!) that may or may not have been transparent, with strategically placed neon sequins. Her wig was tied into two little pigtails complete with side bangs (reminiscent of Asian hair styles) and shorter bangs framing her forehead. The wig was actually black but had been dyed neon green. As for her makeup, well, that’s actually why I decided to create this post. Her glittery makeup looked stunning! I can tell she has on white eyeliner on her lower rim to make her already ginormous blue eyes look even bigger, bejeweled false eyelashes for that doe-eyed look, and lots of glitter because every time she moves it twinkles. Honestly, she legit looked an Anime character! So pretty! She did her energetic little dance number complete with backup dancers all outfitted in equally neon glittery outfits. Then she asked for someone whose birthday happened to fall on that day, to join her on stage and proceeded to serenade the lucky fan while the fan got to sit on a throne. They even took a selfie mid-performance. Katy ended her performance by floating upwards with balloons in hand (think Pixar’s Up) but she was actually on a zip-line.

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Imagine Dragons gave me goosebumps (or goosies, as J-Lo calls them) with their performance of “Tiptoe”. Alongside Ludacris, and some other dude, Ke$ha looked lady-like and beautiful while introducing Michael Jackson’s post-humous performance of “Slave to the Rhythm”. I know it’s wonderful how far we’ve advanced in technology and all but I have to admit that a hologram of Michael Jackson dancing on stage made me feel awkward. I don’t know why but I just felt indignant on his behalf, like it was disrespectful to him or something. The camera even panned in on a few people and you could totally see that they felt awkward didn’t know how to react either (bar the ones that were crying). Ricky Martin performed another song from the official Fifa World Cup 2014 Album. Bland song, bland performance. Nicki Minaj still rocking her “natural” makeup looked pretty as she introduced Lorde. I never really liked Lorde but after hearing her perform “Tennis Court” she has officially won me over. Good music is good music.

Jennifer Lopez performed “First Love” wearing a sequin bodysuit with one shoulder exposed similar to the one Shakira wore in her “She Wolf” video except Shakira’s outfit left one leg exposed from the thigh down. Jennifer’s hair was also exactly the same as Shakira’s in that same video. After her performance, Jennifer received a well deserved “Icon Award”. There was so much more that happened, so many more performances too, but these were the highlights for me.

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