Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa All Angle Airbrush Tan – Solar Power


Now you have the power to have a safe, golden, perfectly-even tan. Our All-Angle Airbrush Tan leaves skin satiny smooth with no messy hands or streaks in the aftermath. Best of all, new airbrush technology lets you spray at all angles so doing it yourself is easy. Finally a professional-looking tan without letting the professionals see you naked.


Shake can well and hold it 6 inches from body. Spray with even sweeps across entire area to be tanned. Allow to dry before dressing and wait one hour before bathing or swimming.

Sadly, yet another fail from Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Line. Let’s start with the pros. This “all angle” airbrush tan truly does have the ability to spray from all angles  making it easier to reach places you would normally have trouble reaching, like your back, for example. Other self-tanners don’t normally spray out any product if the can happens to be upside down. This does. The smell isn’t pleasant but it isn’t as awful as some of the other self-tanners I’ve come across. It did make my skin feel softer but I suspect that’s because it wasn’t fully dry yet. Finally, this really does give you a golden tan as they claim.

Here’s where I have a problem; When I think tan, I think several shades darker than I already am. This product tanned my Arab complected skin, not a full shade, not even half a shade, but a quarter of a shade darker. It gave me a very, very subtle glow. I own bronzers from MAC that made me darker than that. If you’re the same shade as I am, or darker, skip it. If you’re lighter than I am, you might wanna’ give this a try.

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