Haul: Bath and Body Works


This was during the last semi-annual sale. Clearly, I went a little crazy. Clearly, I have a problem. Clearly, I’m obsessed with Bath & Body Works. Moving on…


First up I picked up 2 antibacterial hand soaps in the scents Ocean Pearl and Vanilla Buttercream. Initially, I thought Ocean Pearl was a dupe for my beloved Ocean Citrus (which I reviewed here and here) but this one is a little more perfume-y. I hate the scent of Warm Vanilla Sugar but figured I’d give Vanilla Buttercream a try, as you can see  (the pump dispenser pops up) I couldn’t wait to use this and so far I’m enjoying it.


Next, I got 2 full sized shower gels in Sensual Amber and Beautiful Day and a full sized body lotion also in Beautiful Day. I’d picked up a mini EDT of Beautiful Day in my previous haul and loved the scent so much which is why I sprung for the full size.


I missed out on buying the full size Vanilla Bean Noel shower gels but I did manage to snag 2 minis which I guess I could use to replenish my older bottle (which I’ve hauled here) or just use these on their own. I like the new(er) packaging! In case you haven’t had a chance to smell this yet, it’s Vanilla on steroids, a really really heady scent of hardcore vanilla.


2 pocketbacs also in Vanilla Bean Noel. As you can see, I’ve quickly worked my way through the first one which is why I’m taking my time with the second one. Don’t want them to finish just yet as we’re a long way from Winter.


I got a whole bunch of candles in Coconut Leaves, Beach Cabana, and 6 Mahogany Teakwood. I gave 4 away, and kept 2 for myself because both Hubby and I like the scent. In case you didn’t already know, Mahogany Teakwood is a dupe for the Abercrombie & Fitch signature scent “Fierce”. Beach Cabana smells like laundry detergent (I know that sounds bad) but I mean it in a good way.

“Fragrant, sweet jasmine, orange blossom and the fresh scent of fluffy white towels evokes the endless-summer feel. Breathe in the air under a beach cabana and instantly transport your senses to the shore.” 

As I said before, Bath and Body Works are fond of making up ingredients and I think it’s hilarious. Anywho, this really does smell like fluffy white towels. I didn’t love it but I also couldn’t stop myself from going back to it to sniff it over and over again until I eventually just bought it. It’s different. As for Coconut Leaves, it smells like vanilla and sweet coconuts so I’m pretty sure this is a dupe for Seaside Escape (which I’ve reviewed here) only with different packaging! Yessss! Although these candles weren’t the mini sizes, they are all the 1 wick size (113 g/4 oz).


I could not resist picking up this huge (411 g/14.5 oz) 3 wick candle in Tiki Beach. Again, this also smells like sweet coconuts and vanilla but this actually smells fruitier than Coconut Leaves. I don’t know if it’s because this is a larger size or what but the throw is amazing! I keep getting whiffs of this as I’m coming or going.


I <3 candles!


From the Fresh-Picked Collection, Farmstand Apple Hand Cream, Fresh Picked Hand Soap and Fresh Picked Body Wash, both in Honeycrisp Apple.


With flash this time, just because I feel you weren’t getting the full effect. How cute is the mason-jar-inspired packaging? I die!


Honestly, they had me at Apple.

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