Haul: Bath and Body Works


I was at The Avenues with hubby when we made a quick stop at Bath & Body Works. I noticed some new looking products and some fun looking products at the True Blue Spa section. L-R Malibu Radiance Whipped Body Cream, Malibu Waves Sea Salt Spray for Hair, Green Tea Fizzy Foaming Face Mask, Fresh Foaming Body Buff in I’m in the mood for scrub, Nourishing Shower Smoothies in Mango Butter and Raspberry Yogurt, Raspberry Mojito Cream Gel Front Row L-R Exhilarating & Exfoliating Citrus Mini Face Scrub, and Raspberry Margarita Body Scrub.


The Sweethearts Collection was on display at Bath and Body Works which included Berry Flirt, Daisy Dreamgirl, and Honey Sweetheart. Obviously, I fell in love with the Honey Sweetheart Line and purchased a full sized shower gel and a full sized fine fragrance mist and in case they ran out, 2 Hair Bronzers (Say whaaaaaat?) all in the same scent. The Hair Bronzer is supposed to give you instant highlights. Crazy, right? Can’t wait to try those out!


Lastly, we got a whole bunch of PocketBacs. L-R Pink Champagne, Pink Lemonade, Pink Frosting, Bee Nice (Honey Berry), 2 Twilight Woods (guess who those are for), Pacific Blue, and Island Bamboo. The first 3 have glitter in them, Bee Nice went along nicely with the rest of my Honey haul, Twilight Woods were for my hubby, Island Blue was a nice unisex scent that reminded me of the ocean, and Island Bamboo is a green yet fruity scent.

So thankful to Hubby for getting all these wonderful smelling goodies for me! Reviews to come.

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