Haul: Bath and Body Works


I wanted to branch out a little and try scents I normally wouldn’t go for (yes, you read correctly) which is why I picked up 2 full-sized (8 fl oz) each body lotions in Be Enchanted and Cashmere Glow. Be Enchanted is totally floral (which I hate) and has a little musk in it (which I also hate) but dries down to sweetness. It also has Vitamin E… just because. Cashmere Glow on the other hand is a very musky scent with some Apricot (eww) and Peach (double eww) thrown into the mix. Normally, I wouldn’t touch either one of these with a 10 foot pole but as I said, I’m trying to branch out and try different scents, just for some perspective.


I thought I’d picked up a mini fine fragrance mist in Japanese Cherry Blossom because everyone love that scent, but apparently I’d picked up Cherry Blossom (derp) another straight up floral scent that has musk in it, again, not my thing. Again, only bought it for the sake of the blog and branching out and whatnot. Pink Chiffon is a lot of people’s favorite so I thought I’d give it a try as well, even though it’s not sweet enough for my taste. The licorice or whatever else that’s spicy-sweet in this makes me not love this but as I’d said, I’ll give it a fair shot. I’ve already purchased a full sized fragrance mist in White Citrus  (which I’ve reviewed here) and love it so much that I decided to purchase a mini shower gel in the same scent. It’s such a nice, light, clean, green, and uplifting fragrance that can be enjoyed by both males and females because it’s a unisex scent (or so I think). The last travel sized shower gel is from the Aromatherapy Line, Energy Collection in Lemon Zest because I adore anything and everything lemon. Lastly, I got an edt mini spray of Beautiful Day which I got suckered into buying at the cash register because I always get suckered into buying things on display by the cash register while waiting in line. To it’s credit, Beautiful Day smells absolutely delightful, like juicy green apples!

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