Haul: Bath and Body Works Gifts


When Hubby came back from guy’s night out, he surprised me with these. Apparently they’d gone to see a movie at Fanar Mall and on his way he noticed a Bath and Body Works Store and thought of me. How cute! I don’t believe I’ve ever been to the one in Fanar Mall. I didn’t even know that they had a branch there.


The first package contained a full sized fragrance mist and a full sized body lotion in the scent Dark Kiss (a scent I’ve previously reviewed here and here) which I thought was incredibly sweet because it meant that he’d noticed how much I’d enjoyed using the ones I’d had.


The second package contained 2 products from the Forever Red Collection; a fine fragrance mist (8 fl oz) and a body lotion (10 fl oz)


and 4 products from the Sparkling Blackberry Woods Collection (it was wrapped way prettier than this but after my rough-handling it…) another fragrance mist (8 fl oz), body lotion (8 fl oz), triple moisture body cream (8 oz) and shower gel (10 fl oz) all full sized.

Still haven’t had a chance to play with these yet as I’m quite sentimental and can’t bear the thought of using them all up, and also because I’ve got a lot of bath and body works products to go through first so I’m purposely putting off opening these up. Soon, though, reviews shall come.

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