Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet Illustré

Back Camera

Once I got engaged, I figured it was time to go out and find a big girl wallet as opposed to the Hello Kitty ones I usually carry around in my bag/purse.

Back CameraIt came housed in this pull-out cardboard box.

Back CameraThis is what you see once you err… pull out the little tab.

Back CameraThe box could double as storage for smaller items, if you feel so inclined.

Back CameraHere’s the dust sleeve with wallet safely tucked away inside.

Back CameraNow I’m just teasing you guys.

Back CameraThis is what it looks like from the back…

Back CameraFinally, here’s what it looks like from the front; a group of travelers running to catch the train. How cute is that?

This limited-edition wallet is a celebration of Louis Vuitton’s travel heritage and their beginnings as luggage manufacturers; the illustrations are from the original 1909 archives!

Back Camera

Back Camera

Back Camera

Back CameraSo adorable that I just couldn’t resist.

Back Camera

The wallet has 8 credit card slots, an open compartments for bank notes, a zippered compartment for coins, 3 large compartments for papers and passport, and 2 interior patch pockets.

Back CameraBeautiful golden brass hardware as well.

Back CameraI truly adore this wallet because not only is it practical for every day use, and sophisticated enough to hold it’s own among other big girl wallets, but most importantly because of the irresistible illustrations giving it a humorous charm!

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