Haul: Bath and Body Works

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I purchased 2 more anti-bacterial deep cleansing hand soaps because clearly I love them. I got Eucalyptus Mint (never again) and Exotic Rainforest (lovely scent). They were having a buy 2-get-1 free as usual so this time instead of picking up another soap, I chose a decorative soap sleeve (there are so many to choose from).

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Pretty, no?

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Then I picked up 3 mini-sized Lavender Macaroon candles. Lavender Macaroon! I die! How stinkin’ cute are these?

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While checking out at the cash register, I was told that I qualified for 3 complimentary glasses (1 glass per candle).

Back Camera

Regardless, this adorable candle sleeve had already stolen my heart.

Back Camera

I wanted it so it could house all 3 minis! So cute! <3

3 thoughts on “Haul: Bath and Body Works

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