Haul: Bath and Body Works

Back CameraThis is why I love Bath & Body Works (Marina Mall). They’ve always got great displays.

Back CameraSo green!

Back CameraApple Blossom Citrus has an uplifting scent that’s a touch masculine making this a unisex scent.

Back CameraI love pomegranates but this didn’t smell appealing to me at all.

Back CameraPeach Citrus smelled so much like an Orange Creamsicle that I was so tempted to taste it (bad habit, I know).

Back CameraThey’ve always, always got some sorta’ deal like buy 2 get 1 free or as I refer to them 3-for-2.

Back CameraHand soaps in Sparkling Mojito, Passionfruit Colada, Mint Chocolate (I die!), and Peach Punch.

Back CameraThe other side of the display.

Back CameraLadybug for your hand soap…? Why not?

Back CameraThe only country in the world where a Summer Collection is released alongside a Halloween Collection.

Back CameraMore Halloween-themed soap dispenser, candle-holders, and pocketbacs.

Back CameraAs usual, just click on the photos to enlarge the images.

Back Camera

Adorable mini candle holders!

Back CameraI was so tempted to get one of these scented body shimmer sprays but then I remembered that anything glittery or shimmery makes a mess and is so hard to scrub off the body so I opted out.

Back CameraWallflower refills, and portable scents that glow-in the dark.

Back CameraHalloween-themed lip gloss from the Liplicious line!

Back CameraLipglosses from other collections, also from the Liplicious Line.

Back CameraFinally, on to the haul.

Back CameraLike I said, Apple Blossom Citrus is one of those fresh, uplifting scents I enjoy (think Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue) so I picked up a full-sized fragrance mist and full-sized shower gel in that scent. As you saw there was a buy 2-get-1 free deal (lowest priced item for free) so I chose the full-size Peach Citrus shower gel as my free gift because it legit smells like orange creamsicles! Out of the two, I can’t decide which scent is my favorite. Obsessed!

Back CameraI got a few anti-bacterial hand soaps in the scents Lemon Pomegranate Pop, Mint Chocolate, and Peach Punch. Also buy 2-get-1 free.

Back Camera

From the Halloween Collection, I picked up Scream-A-Colada, Spiced Cider, and Wicked Spiced Pumpkin body lotions all in the mini size (also buy 2-get-1 free). I only liked Scream-A-Colada because it’s fruity and light whereas the other two have cinnamon in them which I feel can be a bit overwhelming.

Back Camera

I’m always running out of pocketbacs so I picked up these two because they looked oh-so-cute! Guess what? The Haunted House on Sour Drop and the Bats on Gum Ball actually glow in the dark! Adorbs!

Back Camera

So excited about these! The first 3 are from the liplicious line, all from different collections (Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Into The Wild), and the last 1 is another one from the C.O. Bigelow line. Wicked Witch’s Kiss applies as a clear gloss then tints your lips a berry pink shade. Best Kiss applies as a clear gloss then tints your lips a gorgeous light pink tint. Into the Wild is another swirly since I enjoyed the last one which I reviewed here. I’ve yet to try the Mentha Lip Tint because I wanna use up a couple of lipglosses before moving on to the next as opposed to having them all open at the same time.


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