Mascara Monday: DiorShow


Hi my name is LuLu and I’m addicted to Mascara. Seriously. I’ve tried every type of mascara from every single brand in the hopes of finding “the one”.  I just can’t get enough, which you would know if you read this post. DiorShow was my holy grail mascara all way from my teens up to my mid-twenties. It was all I wore for a very, very long time.

Back CameraPlease excuse the glare. Clearly, I have a problem taking photos of reflective products.

Back Camera

Neither photo is really accurate, one has too much glare, as I said, and the other is too dark.

Back Camera

Everything about this beautiful mascara exudes luxury (even though I’m failing at portraying that accurately).

Back Camera

I seem to find it tacky when designer clothes have the name of the brand in big, bold print (not subtle) sprawled all over the clothing item but find it endearing when it’s sprawled all over a beauty product. In laymen’s terms, I think the Dior packaging is cute!

Back Camera

The mascara itself is quite big in comparison to other mascaras and I believe was one of the first of it’s kind to come with such a huge brush.

Back Camera

The formula is fantastic because as I’ve stated before, it’s quite build-able. The more you add, the more volume you get! For years, I looked like I was wearing double-lashes all thanks to this mascara.

Back Camera

Even though the brush is huge, you can coat each and every lash at once, and sort of push them upwards (I prefer to blink on it, if that makes any sense). I just keep doing that going from one eye to the next until my lashes literally touch my eyebrows, meaning this not only adds volume but length as well.

Back Camera

The way I apply this, is I sit in front of a wall-length mirror, rest my elbow on my thigh, lean forward and go ham on those eyelashes. From time to time, I’d lean back and see what it looks like overall, and go back in for more if need be. Once I’m done, I’ll wiggle this on my lower lashes, downwards at the inner corners, and outwards towards the er… outter corners. While I’m coating my lower lashes, I make sure that the brush comes in contact with my lower lid (not the rim, just the lid) which leaves a deep, dark, black line because it makes it look like I’ve lined my eyes with eyeliner but I haven’t. Finally, I wipe up the line using a cleansing cloth (usually the blue ones from Neutrogena) starting inwards and working my outwards. Once I reach the outter corner, I wipe upwards which forms a wing or cat flick (depending on how far out you’ve wiggled the mascara on your lower lashes). It takes 15-30 minutes depending on how fast you are but the results are worth it.

It’s not really ideal for every day looks but more for a special occasion look. It’s also super annoying to remove. At the end of the day, you have to soak your cotton pad with a lot of makeup remover and literally wait for it to break down the mascara before you can even begin to think about wiping it off, all very time-consuming but like I said, the results are worth it. This gives me doll-like lashes!

Tips&Tricks: Press your mascara brush down on your lower lids and wiggle the wand back and forth. Not only will this coat your lower lashes but it will also line your lower lids (giving you the same effect you get with eyeliner).

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