Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss

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How pretty are these? Coral Reef, Pink Pop, Lilac Pastelle, and Peach Petal are the first truly pigmented lip glosses I’ve ever come across. I used to think all lip glosses were supposed to be translucent but after Revlon came out with these, I learned otherwise. Once these babies finally got to Kuwait, I grabbed multiple backups of each, 4 Lilac Pastelle, 3 Coral Reef, 2 Pink Pop, and 1 Peach Petal, if you wanna be specific.

Why you ask did I need 4 of the same shade? Because at the time, everyone was going crazy for Lilac Pastelle and I figured, what if I couldn’t find this anymore, better grab them while I can. My cousin saw me frantically stockpiling these at Boots so she picked up a Lilac Pastelle of her own and called me up later that very same day to tell me what an awful color it was on her. It didn’t look any better on me either haha I gave away one to my little niece as “play makeup”, and use the other 3 on their own, applied sheerly because this specific shade settles into the lines of the lips.

Pink Pop was your average run-of-the-mill pink lip gloss, nothing special. I wore this on it’s own or as a topper over other pink lipsticks. Coral Reef on the other hand was gorgeous! I’ve never come across a pigmented coral lip gloss before. This looked lovely on it’s own but especially gorgeous over my nude lipsticks which is why I went back and picked up extras. Finally, the sleeper hit of the group was Peach Petal. I just picked up 1 and used it as a topper with MAC’s Toxic Tale Lipstick, and fell in love! Then I lost Toxic Tale and got all sad but then I purchased Vegas Volt and all was well the world (or at least my world, well… only makeup-wise).

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All of these have a lovely creme finish, no glitter, no shimmer. As I said before, Lilac Pastelle as well as Peach Petal tend to settle in the lines of the lips (as do most milky lip glosses) and if I’m being completely honest, Peach Petal had a gritty texture at first (again, I seem to notice that a lot with anything white-based or lighter-colored), but it got all nice and smooth after a few uses.

Back Camera

I fell so in love with this line of lip glosses that I went online and ordered the entire collection (other shades that didn’t make it to Kuwait) but unfortunately these have been discontinued. They’ve reformulated them, changed the packaging, the whole shebang. My advice is, if you find these in the old packaging (can’t attest for the new) snap them up, particularly Coral Reef, and Peach Petal. Then run back  here, and leave a comment telling me where you found them so I can go and grab a few as well!

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