China Glaze Light As Air Nail Polish

Back CameraI enjoy wearing nail polishes that I feel are unique. Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect lavender nail polish which is why I picked up Light As Air by China Glaze. I feel it’s different, girly yet unexpected.

Back CameraSadly, although this looks lovely in the bottle, it doesn’t look as pretty on my nails.

Back CameraFrankly, Light as Air looks straight up chalky on me as it clashes with my skintone. Please excuse my sloppy application as I’m quite hopeless at anything nail-related. The formula wasn’t that great either, especially when compared to other China Glaze nail polishes that I own. I needed 3 coats for this to be opaque enough and although I waited for a sufficient amount of time in between coats, it still smudged on me. I’ve noticed that this tends to happen more with the lighter colored polished (white-based). I think Light as Air would look beautiful on people whose skin is paler/fairer/lighter than mine. Give this a skip if your skintone is similar to mine or darker.

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