4 thoughts on “Spotted: Catrice Cosmetics

  1. Hey there, i just wanted to know where in kuwait are catrice cosmetics being sold exactly? Or is it all over kuwait? I’d really appreciate it if you can give me an address.

  2. Hi there! I initially found Catrice Cosmetics at the Mishref Beauty Expo which they do twice a year (once mid-summer, and again during winter) but I found a store called Gabs (Avenues Mall – Phase 3 – Shop #A143 – 1st Floor) that had a small selection of Catrice Cosmetics too. They even have a website http://www.gabs.it but I haven’t visited the website yet. Finally, the pamphlet they gave me when I purchased from Gabs said that Catrice Cosmetics are sold by Safi Health & Beauty (Kuwait), Nahas NPBC (Syria), Ch. Sarraf (Lebanon), Abu Shakra (Jordon), Abu Issa (Qatar), F.A. Hanna (Palestine), AIT (Saudi Arabia), Advercos (Morocco), and Obeauty (Tunisia). I hope this helps :)

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