Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo


Pronto Dry Shampoo Powder is the ultimate time saver. It refreshes, revives, and rejuvenates the hair in a matter of minutes – no water or blow dryer required.

Cleanses without water
Removes excess oil and product build-up without stripping
Instantly boosts volume
Nourishes scalp
Ideal for oily hair
2.5 oz.

Natural Rice, Oat & Tapioca Starches absorb oil, dirt and product to effectively cleanse hair and scalp
Tea Tree Oil treats the scalp
Lemon Verbena provides a fresh, clean scent

Separate hair into sections using the pointed cap. Tilt the bottle and lightly squeeze to release product. Vigorously massage into scalp with fingertips. Brush through with a natural-bristle brush. Restyle hair as desired. For a lighter application, sprinkle powder in hands, rub together, and massage through hair.

Sounds pretty basic, no? Not really. This dry shampoo is a headache in a bottle. Hailed by Allure magazine (Beauty Bible) as the best dry shampoo/quick fix, I purchased this expecting great results. First off, I’m a big advocate of Lemon Verbena. I love that scent with all my heart but this literally makes your hair smell like a spice rack (in a bad way), think along the lines of Indian Curry. I mean curry tastes great and all but I don’t want my hair to smell like it. I’m pretty sure nobody wants their hair to smell like a spice-laden dish. Then there’s the unfortunate pointed cap and it’s frequent disappearing act. It’s always, always popping off by itself, and rolling into hard to find places. It seems to have a penchant for dark corners underneath shelving units. Consequentially, because this dry shampoo was frequently cap-less, it was always tipping over, spilling the powder housed inside it, all over the place (which is mainly why I am now quite wary of anything in loose powder form).

As I’ve purchased this in the largest size available from Sephora.com via Amazon.com via Aramex, no matter how frequently (and I used it frequently, touch-ups at work, at the gym, in between washes, during lazy days, overly hot days, humid days, cold weather days, bad hair days, sick days, desert camping trips, hospital stays, traveling, the list goes on) I used this, it still felt almost completely full as the day I’d purchased it and we all know familiarity breeds contempt so I started resenting it (yes my relationship with my products is pretty complex, yo!) for not finishing, because I wanted to get rid of it. It was always just… there… taunting me.

After four years together, I just couldn’t take it anymore and broke up with it, opting to leave it behind when I moved out of the previous house. Don’t worry, we parted ways as friends which is why I can freely admit that aside from all that, this dry shampoo powder did a good job of “refreshing” my 2nd/3rd day hair without weighing my hair down and was exceptionally easy to shampoo off leaving no residue behind. As a blonde and even a brunette, this white powder was virtually invisible on me, provided I “massaged” it thoroughly (I just experienced semantic satiation with the word thoroughly… lol)

The Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo actually does what it claims, but we weren’t a good match because I favor a pleasant scent over practicality so I won’t be repurchasing this, like, ever.

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