MAC Satin Taupe Eyeshadow

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Satin Taupe described as a taupe with silver shimmer, is a must-have for any self-respecting makeup lover. Although it’s a frost finish, it’s not glittery at all but actually a pretty shimmery taupe that’s easy to work with and is quite flattering on most people. With a dense brush it can make my eyes look bruise-y, but when applied with a fluffy blending brush it’s just right. If I’m wearing Satin Taupe, it’s usually as a wash of color all over the lid, because that’s just my preference but Satin Taupe plays well with other colors paired with it in the outer V or crease.

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Here’s a swatch to show you how pretty Satin Taupe is.

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Another swatch, this time with flash, so you can see Satin Taupe in all it’s glory.

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Can you see the silver shimmers?

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Finally, here’s a swatch of MAC Satin Taupe compared with Chanel Taupe Grise. The silver shimmer in Satin Taupe makes it look lighter and more brown in comparison to Chanel Taupe Grise (which has more of a satin finish).

If you do not own this yet, or are relatively new to the world of makeup, or if you are looking for yet another MAC eyeshadow to buy, I strongly suggest you buy Satin Taupe because it’s such a pretty eyeshadow!

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