Haul: Collective Bath and Body Works Lip Stuff

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Most of the products in the photo above are from the C.O. Bigelow Line. Starting with the blue one which is actually the same lip balm I’ve reviewed here, only in another flavor/scent, this lemon & blueberry lip balm smells like skittles!

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Next up is the Mentha Line. The red tube is a clear gloss in the scent/flavor Cinnamint. I’ve always hated minty lipglosses or lipbalms so I’m not a fan of the taste or smell and the cinnamon just makes it worse. It tingles slightly and if you don’t have poutplumppigmented lips, you might notice them becoming pinker/redder depending on your complexion but there are no plumping effects whatsoever. That said, this has an amazing mirror-like shine! Only one other product has given me the exact same effect and it was a lipgloss by the long discontined brand called Pout. Their products came in the cutest packaging ever. I’ve added a photo of the Pout Plump lipgloss so you can see for yourself. How adorbs is that packaging? If I remember correctly, these used to be sold at Va Va Voom at Marina Mall. Does anyone remember those? They were ah-mazing! Nothing but nothing, has given me that same gorgeous, mirror-like shine until now, that is, thanks to the Cinnamint lipgloss, by C.O. Bigelow.

Another product I purchased from the Mentha Line, is the Mentha Buffer, a lip scrub which I have yet to use because I’m currently working on using up a Lip Scrub by Lush in the flavor Sweet Lips. I will be sure to report back, once I start using it though.

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My first Bath & Body Works lip product ever, I got this Coconut Cream lipgloss from the Cupcakes Collection when Bath and Body Works first opened up shop in Kuwait at the Avenues. It’s the only product in this post that is from the Liplicious Line as opposed to the C.O. Bigelow Line.

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Coconut Cream is a swirly lipgloss which is fun because it’s like a 2-in-1 and I enjoy the different effect the gold and silver shimmers have over top certain lipsticks. When the swirls are more silver-based, I’d used this lipgloss over nudes, whereas when the swirls are more golden (actually copper but whatevs) I’d love using it over top of Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Peach. I hated the way the Revlon Colorburst lipsticks smelled (a strong Cumin scent) so the scent of this lipgloss made it more bearable. This tastes sweet but has a bitter chemical after-taste.

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Lastly, is the Rose Salve, another product by C.O. Bigelow which I’ve previously reviewed here. Although, it looks tinted in the pot, it’s actually a clear balm. It smells great and as I’ve stated previously, it’s an identical dupe for Rosebud Perfume Co. Rose Salve. They both smell like Roses and Vanilla.

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