The Orange Lip

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Hello darlings,

Today I bring you MAC’s Morange lipstick which is a straight up orange and actually the second MAC lipstick (the first was Relic) I’ve ever purchased. I’ve already worked my way through one tube and shown above is my second tube of Morange next to a Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in the shade Orange Sari. I adore both Morange and Orange Sari equally.

Back CameraOne is a dupe of the other in a sense that they are the same shade but Orange Sari (left) seems lighter because of it’s glossy finish whereas Morange (right) looks darker because it’s an amplified finish.

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Some people adore YSL and it’s fancy packaging but I’m not a big fan of gold. Also I used to have a ton of YSL lipglosses back in the my lipgloss-obsessed days and each and every single one of them had an absolutely vile smell to them that I could not possibly bare nor dare to put them on my lips. That said, my sister found the scent pleasant and happily took them off my hands.

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An extremely fair friend was wearing Orange Sari and once I saw it on her, I was on a mission to find a tube of my own and was devastated (ok, not really) when I was told that it was discontinued but I tracked it down and badgered the Sales Assistant (how’s it feel to be on the other end of that, huh? HUH?)  incessantly until she found what she claimed to be the last tube, for me. Once I wore it, it struck me as suspiciously similar to another lippy I had called Morange!

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To be completely honest, you do not need both. As a matter of fact, I do not need both. As it is, I adore them both and would hard pressed to get rid of either one of them. They are just so… pretty!

As it is, orange lips are trending right now be it lipgloss, lipstick, or even chubby sticks. On the downside, if lippies tend to feather on you, this might look like you went a little overboard at lunch with the daqoos, so be wary. I suggest getting a matching lipliner. Nyx has a vast array of those. On the upside, as I said an extremely fair friend was wearing Orange Sari and it looked stunning on  her. I’ve seen photos of women of color wearing Morange and it looks gorgeous on them. I myself of the sallow skin, have found ways of making this work for me (trial and error, my friends, trial and error).

Because it’s such a bold color, I usually go easy on the eyes, preferring to pair either lippy with a taupe-y eyeshadow and a ton of bronzer.

Tips&Tricks: While Morange is a gorgeous Orange, it might be too bold for some. You can easily remedy that problem by dabbing a little vaseline or any other lipbalm on your lips either before or after you apply Morange to sheer it out and make it have more of a glossy finish like Orange Sari.

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