Boots No. 7 Foundation Match Service


Hello luvs,

While at the Avenues the other day, I popped into Boots to browse and the nice looking Filipino Sales Assistant accosted me albeit politely. She wanted to Color Match me.

Side note: Color Matching is when a “makeup artist” tells you the exact foundation shade or foundation number that matches your skin perfectly or is at least the closest possible match.

Back to the Sales Assistant wanting to color match me. I felt sorry for the poor thing because honestly she looked bored out of her mind (this was on mother’s day, mind you) so I agreed to let her color match me. She asked if I was wearing any makeup (I know, I know. For a makeup junkie, I don’t really wear makeup that much) and when I said I wasn’t, she dabbed some moisturizer on a cotton cloth and wiped both my left and right jaw area. Then she used this sci-fi looking gadget (see above photo) and held it up against the areas she’d just wiped. Then she proclaimed that my shade was honey.

First off, I had this small (ok fine, not really that small) surge of satisfaction. I figured out early on that my shade was nowhere near the vicinity of what those makeup artists (MAs) and sales assistants (SAs) in Kuwait were always forcing me to buy through out my entire life. Check out my previous post My Story: Foundation, Tinted Mouisurizers, and BB Creams to see what I mean, and yes this experience totally inspired that post. Next, she dabbed a little foundation on the back of my hand (she wanted to apply it to my neck, jaw area specifically but I wanted to go to L’occitane to pick up some gifts because it was mother’s day, side note: my mother in law is a newly converted fan of the verbena line!). Back home, I tested the foundation swatch in direct sunlight (because store lighting is always awful, you don’t see the true color of the product), held it up to my face, hummed and haahed before deciding that it truly did match me perfectly. That little thingy (sorry but not really sure what to call it) takes the guess work out of finding foundation that matches you (or at least is the closest possible match from the shades available). Where was this when I was growing up? All I can say is, this is an insanely awesome service! I’m pretty sure I read that Sephora (obviously not the one in Kuwait) or one of the brands at Sephora has been offering this service years ago but whatevs, I’m happy.

You can get color matched too! Just head to the No. 7  counter at Boots and ask the Sales Assistant for the color match service. She’ll use that gadget-thingy on you and once you know what your shade is, apply a little on your jaw area or neck, go out in direct sunlight, hold up a mirror and see for yourself how closely it matches you!

Has anyone else tried it yet or is thinking of trying it? What shade did you get? Was it a perfect match? Let me know in the comments section.

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