Haul: Maybelline Shine Sensational Lipgloss

I picked up a couple of these yummy flavored and scented lipglosses (containing 11.3 ml / .38 oz) from Maybelline for KD 3/000 a pop.

I purchased Berry Bella (Raspberry flavored), Sweet Indulgence (Macaroon flavored! Yes, you read correctly, MACAROON! I die!), Cherry Kiss, and Peach Sorbet. These glosses come in 18 different flavors/fragrances but not all of them made it to the shores of our little Kuwait.

As you can see from the photo, Berry Bella and Sweet Indulgence contain micro-glitter while Cherry Kiss and Peach Sorbet are more of a jelly consistency so the Shine Sensational glosses come in different finishes but for the most part these are translucent meaning they only add shine so if you’re looking for color, look elsewhere.

My favorite out of the bunch is Sweet Indulgence because it truly does smell and taste like gourmet macaroons. How can I not love a product that not only smells but also tastes exactly like those delicious french pastries?

I purchased Sweet Indulgence online because this particular shade, along with many others, are not available for purchase in Kuwait.

From Left to Right: Minty Sheer, Peach Sorbet, Cocoa Fever, Crushed Candy, Sparkling Grape, Watermelon Punch, Cherry Kiss, Berry Bella

The above two photos were taken at Boots (Souq Sharq).

Also available (just not in Kuwait) in these shades : Cherry Bloom, Freshly Sliced, Glamourous Guava, Mad About Melon, Crazy For Caramel, Berry Dazzle, Cranberry Crave, Treat Me Sweet, Sweet Indulgence, Tempting Toffee.

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