Haul: Bath and Body Works

This time I decided to check out the Bath & Body Works branch in Marina Mall as opposed to the Avenues and I’m so glad I did.

I found more of those little fruit containers. I picked up 1 more strawberry and 2 lemons for KD 2/500 each.

Aren’t they absolutely darling?

I picked up 2 more minis for KD 2/000 each and got the 3rd mini free.  Bali Mango mini body lotion (smells divine! I need this in a bigger size!), Hawaii Coconut mini body lotion (obligatory coconut-scented product for summer), and Rainkissed Leaves mini Body Spray (I enjoy green scents and the name suckered me in as well).

I left Rainkissed Leaves mini body spray and Dancing Waters mini body spray (from my previous haul) by a table near my window, thinking that the A.C. would protect them but they both turned. Now they smell disgusting, like Pif-Paf bug spray. So do not leave your body sprays or perfume in direct sunlight otherwise they will turn, and start to stink.

They were having a buy 2 get 1 free, on the hand soaps so I picked up 3 of those. From the Fresh Market Collection I chose Apple and Blueberry and from their normal line I picked up Ocean Citrus (Lemon-y goodness!). You’ll notice from the photo that the first two antibacterial hand soaps are short and stout but they contain more product (259 ml / 8.75 oz to be exact) than the taller antibacterial hand soap (which only contain 236 ml / 8 oz) and that’s because the first 2 are foaming hand soaps while the taller one is a deep cleansing hand soap containing exfoliating micro-beads. These retail for KD 1/500 each.

Also from the Fresh Market Collection, I picked up a small candle for KD 3/500 in the scent Sweet Berries.

We’ve already established that I love anything that’s berry scented plus the shabby chic packaging looked cute.

There’s always a buy 2 get 1 free deal on wallflowers and their refills (those things that look like light bulbs) but since the wallflower fragrance plug itself costs more than the wallflower fragrance refills you get the lowest priced item for free. I picked up these 3.

You just plug it into an electrical outlet in the wall and it diffuses the scent from the refill into the room. You have to screw in the refill into the wallflower fragrance plug first, though. I picked up this purple wallflower fragrance plug for KD 2/500.

These wallflowers are much more discreet than those non-brand name ones you get from the local co-op that make whirring noise (which can get pretty annoying after awhile).

The refills retail for KD 2/000 each. I picked up Pineapple Orchid because the Sales Assistant insisted that it was awesome and he uses it in his own home and I’m so glad I did. This smells like juicy, sweet pineapples! Divine! The wallflower refill I got to pick for free was Seaside Escape since my older brother took the candle I had previously purchased in the same scent.

I decided to try some things from the True Blue Spa line like this Airbrush Tan. I believe this is the full size (113 g / 4 oz) for KD 5/000.

Also from the True Blue Spa line, is this ultra-girly hand scrub!

It’s all pink and cutesy!

It comes with a protective plastic inside covering the product itself so you know it hasn’t been opened before. Just lift the tab up to remove it.

This is what it looks like with the top off. It also smells great.

I picked up 2 sugar body scrubs from the True Blue Spa line. These come in at 170 g/ 6 oz a piece and retail for KD 6/500 each.

This comes in the scent Need a Margarita and it is the single best-smelling scent I’ve ever smelled in my entire life! If they made more products in this scent, I’d buy each and every one of them! Seriously, this tropical citrus scent smelled so yummy I had to get a backup right then and there!

The protective foil seals this shut in case you wanna travel and take this with you or just in case you’re worried someone might have stuck there finger in there before you bought it. You break the seal yourself.

Lastly, I picked up a teal cuticle trimmer that comes in a transparent pouch for KD 3/000.

Honestly I think I prefer the Marina Mall branch rather than the Avenues branch because the Sales Assistants are less pushy, the products are not as dusty, and there’s always a better selection of products and good deals.

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