Haul: Bath and Body Works

I went to Bath and Body Works again to pick up some more products to try out, not that their candles aren’t great and all, but they’ve got a variety of products, as well.

Like this strawberry for example. Do I need it? No. Do I even know what I’m gonna use it for? Not an inkling. Did I buy it? Hell yeah! I mean for KD 2/500 who could resist?

Just look at it. This thing is stupid cute!

I’m thinking maybe I could store my earrings in it or bobby pins (maasha) or something…

Since I really like the Twilight Woods scent, I picked up this body lotion and shower gel duo for  KD 2/500.

I thought the mini body lotion (3 oz) I had previously purchased was as small as they come but it turns out the duo came in yet an even smaller size (2 oz).

I also picked up 2 mini body sprays to try out, Twilight Woods because we’ve already established that I love this scent and Dancing Waters because initially it had this fresh, citrus-y scent that I’m also a fan of, plus the name sounds lovely and the matching blue scheme all played into it. These were KD 2/000 each. I got to choose 1 more item for free so I chose the Dancing Waters mini body lotion (3 oz).

They were having a good deal on PocketBacs. 7 PocketBacs for KD 5/000 so I picked up 7 and gave 2 away. Normally these are KD 1/000 each (29 ml / 1 oz).

I got Twilight Woods, Dancing Waters, and Fresh Market Apple.

I also got 2 from the I LOVE collection. I love Cake (buttercream), and I love Shoes (stylish strawberry).

Dancing Waters mini body spray, mini body lotion, and PocketBac. The reason why I picked up several products in the same fragrance line was because these are mostly alcohol which evaporates quickly so the scent doesn’t last that long. Layering the products (using the body lotion then spraying the body spray over it) will make the scent last longer. Try layering alcohol-based products and you’ll notice a difference, trust me.

Twilight Woods mini body spray (back), special edition mini shower gel and body lotion duo (sides), PocketBac (front). I absolutely adore this scent! I just can’t get enough of it. I love layering this scent (showering with the shower gel, then moisturizing with the body lotion and finally misting with the body spray) so it lasts all day (or night)!

Lastly, the product I was the most excited about purchasing, and yet another gem from C.O. Bigelow, the Rose Salve. This cost KD 2/500 like all their other lip products but you get a hefty (22 g / .8 oz) meaning this will last forever, seriously. Why, you ask, am I most excited about this salve? Because it’s magic! Okay, not really. It’s because I’ve been meaning to get the Rosebud Salve from Smith’s Perfume Co for a loooong loooong loooong time but could never manage to find it anywhere (*gasp* in Kuwait? Shocker! si? non!). Now that I have this, I no longer need to get that because I believe that this is a perfect dupe!

I do not like flowers. I do not like the way they smell. Following that logic, I should not like floral-scented products so I never knowingly purchased any floral-scented products until now, that is. I wanted this so badly, I was willing to ignore the fact that this had 9% rose extract and I’m so glad I did because apparently I like the scent of roses. They smell nice, clean and powder-y which is news to me. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for other rose-scented products in the future. That said, this not only smells nice, clean, and powder-y but it also has a hint of vanilla in it making it smell sweet. Basically, this salve smells wonderful!

Regardless of the bright color, this goes on clear and can be used anywhere and everywhere from your lips to your cuticles, and elbows think along the lines of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream, or y’know… just regular ol’ vaseline or if you’re really old-school, petroleum jelly. I love everything about this Rose Salve from the vintage tin packaging and the print to the rose/vanilla scent. Oh, and it feels pretty good on the lips too. It doesn’t just sit there. The salve actually absorbs into your lips make them all soft and pillow-y.

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