Haul: Bath and Body Works Slatkin & Co. Candles

I picked up a few candles from Bath & Body Works awhile ago at the Avenues Mall. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I’m a hardcore scented-candle aficionado and way back in the day, I could only get my fix from Ikea which never failed to disappoint me with their abysmal scented candle selection. All they had was vanilla and it smelled nothing, but nothing, like vanilla. Then, this amazing candle-oriented shop opened up in Souk Sharq (Sharq Mall) right next door to Starbucks. It was called “Wax Lyrical”, I believe. They had the coolest candle paraphernalia ever! I’ll never forget my first purchase from there. It was this ridiculously gorgeous candle holder, shaped like a japanese pagoda and it even had a japanese character on it. They closed up shop to make way for a Claire’s, the little girls’ accessories store because apparently you can never have enough of those. Not that I mind now, I mean it’s right next door to MAC cosmetics and I do get my blink-and-its-over trend-jewelry pieces from it so… but I was a touch miffed, way way waaay back then.

From this angle, the candles kinda’ look like flavored yoghurt or maybe subconsiouly I’m just craving some Froyo. Here’s what I picked up: Dark Kiss, Mint Chocolate (which is a repurchase, read my review here), Pineapple Mango, Seaside Escape, and Island Nectar.

With a name like “Dark Kiss” I’m pretty sure that this is yet another marketing ploy by Bath & Body Works to cash in on the vampire-craze. Clever, no? What they say:

Master perfumers have blended voluptuous berries tempting blooms sensual incense and night musk for this daring and seductive fragrance. It is a modern tale of forbidden love that will unleash your most primal passions.

I love most scents that have any kind of “berry” in them and quite frankly this smells like some sort of blackcurrent candy which I also have a penchant for. Love it! The scent really remind me of “You Snap The Whip” Body Butter Bar from Lush which I hauled awhile ago.

I hauled “Dark Kiss” in the largest size available (which is 411 g/14.5 oz and cost KD 7/000). Plum flower, purple background, standard emo/goth theme but then there’s the textured fuchsia lip print consisting of tiny stars (suspiciously similar to those hideous lip tattoos from Violent Lips) which makes it that much more special.

Again, this angle seriously makes me crave some Froyo or Pinkberry!

Repurchase Dark Kiss? The candle I got is huge so candle form, no. Body Lotion, Shower Gel, and other products? Yes!

I got the Mint Chocolate Candle before in the 113 g/4 oz size for (KD 4/500) and loved it so much that I repurchased it in the 411 g/14.5 oz size for (KD 7/000). Just to be clear, I picked it up in the medium 1 wick size, burned it, loved it and now repurchased it in a large 3 wick size. I think it’s the largest available. Once this runs out, I shall be repurchasing this. If you’re interested, here’s my review of the Mint Chocolate Candle.

Repurchase Mint Chocolate? Fo’ sho’.

I purchased this in the medium size 113 g/4 oz priced at (KD 4/500) because I wanted to try out some random candles and this looked interesting and going by its name, I assumed it would smell beach-y. It had a nice clean scent and after burning it, I could detect the smell of sweet coconuts.

The image on the sticker is the pattern of a seashell  in swirls of of blue, white and orange-yellow. I think it’s gorgeous and regret not getting this in a larger size as I’m pretty sure that they’ve reformulated this scent and changed the packaging now.

I got these little ones 45 g/ 1.6 oz for KD 1/000 each. They both smell wonderfully tropical to me. The Pineapple Mango has a picture of a cute pineapple on it while the Island Nectar has a gorgeous image of an orange flower on a white sandy beach against a backdrop of aqua waters. I’d love to vay-kay there!

So to recap, I picked up 5 candles (2 large-sized candles, 1 medium-sized candle, and 2 miniature-sized candles) for a little over 20 KD.

14 thoughts on “Haul: Bath and Body Works Slatkin & Co. Candles

  1. I have been desperately trying to find a couple of dark kiss candles since a year, but to no avail. It has been my all- time favorite scent & so sorry they discontinued it right away. If you have any idea where I could get even one, I would love that.
    I liked the way you showed your candles from the top – nice to see the lovely colors.
    Thanks, franmcgann@yahoo.com


  2. Hello Fran, and welcome to my blog. So sorry for the late reply but once a scent is discontinued all we can do is wait for them to repromote it once the appropriate season comes along. For example certain scents seem to pop up only in Christmas Collections like Vanilla Bean Noel, Twisted Peppermint, Winter Candy Apple, and so on while other scents like Bali Mango, and Seaside Escape show up only during the summer.

    Your best bet is to check out their semi annual sale (once mid-summer, and again mid-winter) where alot of discontinued items are brought out of storage (or wherever it is they store discontinued items). Hope this was helpful.


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