Collectibles: Versace Stunning Luminous Eyeshadow

The recent Versace for H&M debacle which I opted out of going  (for those who did not get a chance to go, it’s covered here by Confashions from Kuwait), as unpleasant as it was, reminded me of one of my first perfumes as a tween, Red Jeans by Versace which came in a red tin packaging, and if I recall correctly was what started my whole obsession with gourmand (sweet, fruity, food-y) fragrances (and tin packaging), which in turn made me muse about Versace cosmetics I’ve acquired over the years, which inspired me to start a new series on my blog called Collectibles showcasing perfume/cosmetics that are too pretty to use i.e. Collectibles. Phew

Please note that what I might view as a “collectible” won’t necessarily be what you have in mind when you think of a collectible. My version of a collectible consists of products that I just can’t bare parting with including but not limited to products that have seen better days (way past their prime), products I’ve used and sometimes finished completely but love the packaging, products I feel sentimental attachment towards, and products that are just too pretty to use.  Also note that my “collectibles” might not necessarily be luxury, designer, high-end products. It might be a really good budget product I found in a drugstore while traveling, or products from an indie company, or a gift given to me by a dear friend, etc…

Brand: Versace

Name: Stunning Luminous Eye Shadow Mono (Not sure if they make these anymore)

Shade: V2014-O (I prefer shade names instead of just boring numbers)

Packaging:  It comes in a compact in gold with the Versace logo embossed in a protective transparent, dome-shaped, screw-top lid (3 grams/.10 oz). I like the packaging (even though it’s gold) which is why this hasn’t been thrown out and sits on my vanity table looking all pretty.

Properties: The Versace eyeshadow is yet another finely milled eyeshadow, not unlike the Chanel eyeshadow, this eyeshadow is crazy soft but also suffers from some fall-out issues. When I applied this on my eyes, some of it ended up on cheeks and I liked the effect so I started using this particular shade as a highlight.

What they say:

A new compact mono eyeshadow developed to create varying shades of different colors.  Six intense, brilliant colors that are easy to apply for a versatile dual-use product:  applied dry, it creates a natural look; applied wet, it creates more intense, long-lasting color.  Distinguished by a striking pearlized effect, Stunning Luminous Eye Shadow exalts the natural color of the iris with its intense, long-lasting radiance.  Easy to apply, this creamy product glides on smoothly.

As you can see, a Versace eyeshadow (3 grams/0.10 oz) compared to a MAC eyeshadow (1.5 grams/0.05 oz) is literally twice as big.

Here’s a swatch on my hand with natural lighting.

Here’s another swatch (with flash).

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