Ramadan Nail Designs by Minx

Blessed Ramadan everyone! Here are some Ramadan-inspired designs by Minx. Ironic, no? For those who need an explanation, Muslim women are not allowed to pray while wearing makeup or nailpolish, unless it’s that time of the month (shark week lol) when women are not expected to pray at all. As a matter of fact all muslims are supposed to perform a specific cleansing ritual also known as ablution before each and every prayer, and if a person is wearing nail polish, then the water won’t reach the person’s nailbed during said cleansing ritual making the ablution invalid. Others believe that it’s okay to wear nail polish and pray with it on, provided that you wash your hands and clean your nails thoroughly before applying said polish. It’s still a controversial topic. With Minx, it’s sort of the same concept because water won’t be able to reach your nail.

What do you lovelies think?

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