Review: Lush Honey I Washed the Kids Soap

Brand: Lush

Type: Soap (Bar)

Name/Shade: Honey I Washed The Kids

Price: By Weight

Purchased from: 360 Mall

What they say:

The irresistible toffee and honey soap. Once you’ve sniffed it, you’ve got to have it. On paper, it’s difficult to portray the full effect of this honeycomb and toffee scented soap. People who fully intended to walk past a Lush shop find themselves unable to resist its tempting fragrance. They inhale, drool, pick up a big chunk and join the queue for the till. It’s hard not to buzz about this one.

Packaging: It came in the traditional Lush wrapping paper with a white sticker holding the wrapping paper in place. The sticker itself has the name of the soap handwritten on it. If you are lucky, you might get a bar of soap with neat handwriting on the sticker but most of the time, the writing is similar to that of a doctor’s, i.e. illegible. The soap itself is a light yellow shade with an adorable honeycomb on top. The bar of soap is not exactly symmetrical because right in front of you, they actually slice off a piece from a much bigger umm… piece (Does anyone know what those ginormous round bars of soap are called? Do they even have a specific name? If anyone knows, please let me know in the comments below). Some of the soaps come pre-packaged (meaning it’s already been sliced and wrapped). The price depends on how much the soap weights.

Scent: By now, you all know that I love food-y scents so I really like the way this smells. It smells like honey obviously, but the good kind of honey, and yes there is such a thing as a bad kind of honey scent. If you like caramel or vanilla fragrances, then you will enjoy this.

Properties: The honeycomb or beeswax as they call is really scratchy and rough on the skin. No matter how much I ran it under warm water or rubbed at it to smooth it down, it was still too painful to use so eventually I picked it off and tossed it in the trash. If your bar of soap is small enough, the beeswax will fall off on it’s own. As for the soap itself, because of the way it’s cut, sharp angles and all, it needs a few uses to smooth it out and soften the edges before you can use it comfortably on your hands without hurting yourself. I will say this though, the soap is slightly moisturizing without leaving a thin film on my hands after towel-drying them.

Important: Lush products are made using natural and fresh ingredients so they expire pretty quickly. In this case, the soap will dry up and lose it’s fragrance. My previous bar of “Honey I Washed the Kids” was all shriveled up and lost it’s wonderful scent after only a month of being stored in a in a cool dark and dry place with the wrapping still on.

Repurchase? Maybe. If I happen to be at 360 Mall, and I happen to pass by Lush, I might buy this again or if I’m at the Beauty Expo and I find a Lush stand but I’m definitely not going to go out of my way just to get this because although it smells wonderful, it’s too much of a hassle, what with the deadline and all.

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